Aavegotchi Biographies

Sweet n Simple. Allow gotchi owners to write bios for their aavegotchi! This will show up on the gotchi profile.

Give your aavegotchis meaning, then share it with the world. Why is he named after CoderDan? Is she holding a axe in one hand and a link cube in the other because she is a fighter by day and gambler by night?


Great idea! But what if you only get to write one field of the bio (like the first one) and the rest of the Bio is filled automatically with the stuff you did with your Gotchi?


Summary (custom field, written by owner)
Summoning date: [DateTime] (Age: 67 days)
Was first pet on [DateTime]
Received their first Item on [DateTime]
Visited City Hall for the first time on [DateTime]
Won his first mini-game on [DateTime]
Made his first Fren [Name of befriended Gotchi] on [DateTime]
Voted in City Hall on [DateTime]
Got his first home at [Land ID] on [DateTime]
Was transferred to his [second] owner on [DateTime]
Was evicted from his home due to owner transfer on [DateTime]