Aavegotchi DAO Hall of Fame

BowtiedNerd and I would like to formally introduce the Aavegotchi DAO Hall of Fame project to the community. We have been working on this for months, mentioned it in DAO calls multiple times, and are very excited about it. The goal of the project is to appreciate and memorialize the great contributors in our community. DAOs are a great experiment, and the community is truly one of the greatest strengths of Aavegotchi. The HOF project recognizes 10 incredible builders and community leaders who helped get us here.

BowtiedNerd and I each nominated three people for the HOF. We informed them of their nomination and asked them to nominate another three members from the community. This process cascaded sequentially throughout the community for a total of 19 individuals nominated, many with numerous votes. The top vote recipients will be inducted into the first round of the Aavegotchi DAO HOF at the 12/31 celebration.

To honor these community members, custom NFTs have been designed by BowtiedNerd for each of the inductees. These will be submitted as FGCs on the 12/24 hangout (if it’s still on Christmas Eve). Assuming they are not flagged, 100 will be minted. The inductees will receive three copies of their personalized NFT, one copy will be placed in a DAO-owned parcel NFT display case, 25 copies will go to the artist (BowtiedNerd), 1 copy to me as the event founder and organizer, and the other 70 copies will go to the Aarcade Task Force. The ATF has full autonomy with those 70 copies to be used as a means of raising funds or as rewards. The ATF and BowtiedNerd will split royalties. Of note, the Aarcade Task Force will be the official publisher for the HOF pieces as they have generously offered 10 of their 87 FGCs to sponsor the project.

The DAO Walk of Fame will feature DAO-owned humble parcels along the west path from the center of the DAO district. These parcels will remain in the DAO’s possession and feature the custom NFT in an NFT display case. This will hopefully help transform the DAO district into a fun and celebratory region. It also leverages DAO assets to appreciate and keep talented contributors. I planned to use DTF-owned alchemica for this purpose, but will likely use my own pending the transfer of alchemica to the DTF which was passed in AGIP-44. The DAO parcels from AGIP-44 are also still pending transfer from PC.

Bear markets are tough, but we truly have something special in Aavegotchi. It was an incredible pleasure to run this project and to gather nominations. Unsurprisingly, but importantly, the community values many different skill sets and types of contributors – something that we must embrace and maintain moving forward. We are partnering with GMI for the celebration, so you can bet it will be a fun party. Please celebrate the community with us over the next few weeks as we induct 10 very special community members into the Hall of Fame!


Aavesome! Looking forward to seeing the art :fire: