Memory remains, idea of graveyard and Zombies

This is a post in continuation of the ongoing discussion about sacrifided gotchis.

There are not other data remaining on the sacrificed gothchis other than id number. I propose a listing of all the sacrificed gotchis. In that listing users could post their memories of the deceased… like to whom the sacrifice was made and to what end. Magnificent stories ensues when post owners and the cruel owners share their memories.

Possibility of a resurrection. The sacrificed could be brought back with modified stats.
all the stats would be 50+/- 10 max. Resurrected can`t accumulate xp. Resurrected can not be petted, instead they have a negative kinship score desided with a random number from 1-1000 with sum hatefull descriptions. The winners bet is used as collateral, losers bet is burned.
2A: resurrection spell. 1000 ghst. Users send ghst to a contract to get a possibility to score a limited edition zombi gotchi with modified visuals also. Resurrection can only be performed if there are gotchis in the graveyard so not diluting the gotchi pool.
2B: resurrection spell is a mini haunt 2 to test whatever bot preventive methods are tried on the actual haunt.

Bonus ideas:
collateral DAI only because of obvious reasons.
zombiegotchis are reserved to those who did not get a portal for a 100 ghst.
Zombiegotchis can not be resurrected to a wallet containing other gotchies.
Zombiegotchis consume collateral (…maybe not :slight_smile:

Whaddayaal think? Uundead gothis.

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How about make the users battle with their sacrificed gotchis in a BAD TIME style?:smiling_imp:

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Also other minigames could use a dedicated bad guy. Like Aavegotchi Stats