Add a graffiti mechanic for all Aavegotchis in the Gotchiverse

Once Aavegotchi has gamers playing very competitively with collecting alchemica or PVP mechanics, gamers will find ways to BM (Bad Manner/ Bad Mouth) to get that extra enjoyment from an encounter by “dunking” on a rival player. Whether it be pressing N to spin around on a Gotchis corpse or pressing F to laugh as you sprint away with that sweet-sweet kek you stole, gamers will find ways to do this regardless. In fact, these moments are regularly captured on video during large esports events and are able to generate a buzz online with lots of views and discussion. For those who are unfamiliar with BMing, here’s a video discussing the topic and showing a few examples: What is BM? The Salty Story of Disrespect in Esports - YouTube

I propose all Gotchis be given the ability to spray paint NFT images on the floor temporarily, to capitalize on this BMing behavior in video games while still not explicitly catering to the BMing behavior as the community, DAO and Studio generally want to promote a frenly environment and community. These spray paint images could be minted by spending some amount of alchemica and could have limited time minting periods for these NFT images. The spray paint mechanic has the potential to be a fun alchemica sink that is not mandatory to participate in but still allows players to communicate in game quickly with spray paint images or spray paint text. This mechanic should not be explicitly for BMing so I do urge the DAO and Pixelcraft to be careful with the images they allow to be minted. For example, even just a text image saying “sorry” will 100% be used to BM at some point. All images should strive to be neutral or at least not too disrespectful from a BMing perspective. Also consider there is no undoing an image we allow to be minted and used in game even if it’s being used in a terrible way. Some spray paint images can just be pretty art as well. I don’t think Faake Gotchis should be used as spray paint images.

A Gotchi should be allowed to display only one spray paint at a time. Gotchis should also be allowed to spray paint on top of other spray-painted images. And if a user/player owns more than one spray paint image, they should be allowed to choose from 4 different sprays they select to be active. For example, by pressing and holding a key, it could bring up a wheel menu and the player picks which spray they want to use just by hovering over the spray and letting go of they key.

The value of these spray paint images should be priced in alchemica and should also take into consideration future price increases or decreases in terms of USD value. I mention this because I do want spray paint images to be widely accessible in the future. But I guess when the DAO or Pixelcraft decide to allow more images to be minted we could adjust the price to mint at that time. Perhaps we should allow pixel craft to decide the price of these spray paint images and decide which spray paint images should be priced from cheapest to most expensive. But I would love to see some discussion on the topic of cosmetic items priced in alchemica.

So, what do you think about this idea/proposal?

How should we generally price spray paint images from common-very rare?

How long should these spray paint images last before they fade?

Should there be a cool-down period before a Gotchi has the ability to spray paint another image?

Should these images be small SVG files that can be uploaded on-chain or be larger files hosted on a server somewhere?

Should the DAO take the lead in producing the images, deciding the price and how long minting periods are? Or should Pixelcraft take on this role and we just merely suggest the idea to them?

By the way this idea/proposal was inspired by Nadiel and his faake gotchi.
also this is my first post try not to roast me too hard.