Deco as optional 4th ingredient when forging

Problems Im solving:
Deco market is stagnant, trends downward
Adding additional materials is inflative and spreads liquidy across more assets.
Deco is a good sink but never goes away and there is a lot of the raffled deco.

Utility and value adds:
Deco becomes deflationary, increasing rarity for non participants and opening up new options for participants.

Gives additional variety to wearables without adding schematics, while deflating actual quantity in existence, via creating alternates.

More forging means more alloy deflation.


Add an optional slot that accepts installations to the forging screen.
Add check to see if item in option slot is listed as a modifier for the schematic.
If correct item is in slot, mint the alternate wearable instead.

Initial starter ideas for alts:

Add godlike rug to aave boat to forge flying carpet. Same stats as original item(we could flip the stat +/-if people like that option)
Add lava lamp to weapons
Add flower to clothing or hair
Add gnomes to…
Add globes to…
Add gm light to signs to get gm sign
Add skeledator to citadel knight peices for bone armour
Add pampkin to straw hat for pumpkin head
Add xmas tree to mythical cacti for xmas tree pet

Obviously… this is a request for Forge team. Id love to help come up with sets, though.

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How about we can use 2022 holiday decos + alchemica to make 2023 holiday decos using the forge?
How about using tiles to change the color of your forged wearables?


I was about to say that would make a mess, as each wearable is a token ID, but, theres a way :slight_smile:

We charge more for the 1st mint, as that one sets a tuple(?) that contains the color code the user picked via tile and the color on the svg that is being replaced into the metdata for the wearable.
Whatever tile you use, everyone else has to use one to craft as well, and you just picked the color by being first.

Scale the initial craft tile price by rarity, of course.
I would make it so we pretty much wipe out tiles in our thirst for customization, thereby making a strong demand for new tiles to craft. Never look back, on colors… just keep adding crayons to the box.

If we do this well, well have a cottage industry making wearable alts and a vibrant econony based on customization instead of yield.

We should also tie eye color in here.

Maybe eye color lets you just pick the color and then theres no tile needed for future forges.

This gives a standard pallette that is always available, so big guilds could mint up matching armies.

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Would be nice if Smol flowers were used to my kinship potion’s. Every month depending on rarity you receive a petal. In turn that petal can used with alloy and essence to make a potion.

Tangent, but I was also thinking that maybe kinship potions and other items that need to stay rare, have recipes that are fed by a vrf and would use any random selection of 2 to 4 nfts, to craft.

Most days would be a hard no. Some would be accessible, but wipe out stocks of the recipe items in the process, and every once in a while, someone wins, because it was 2 things and they had tons of both. Maybe solidify it a bit by doing the recipes as slots the get filled, slot machine style, and tgere are slots for different rarities, depending on how rare we want to make a tier two craftable.

Maybe aavegotchi protocol is at its best when when its simultaneously consuming and creating? Add variety reduce size of resource pool, everyone wins?