Date of Gotchi Summoning

As Gotchis become popular in the metaverse, people are going to start to value them in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. For now, we can value gotchis based on their rarity, kinship, and level. If you were interested in getting a particular portal number, say 4444 for example, you may be willing to pay more for that particular gotchi over another. Similarly, if you were wanting to get a gotchi that was summoned on a particular day, say the Bitcoin halving or your birthday, you may place way more value within particular gotchi over one summoned on any other random day.

Currently, unless you personally summoned the gotchi from their portal, we really do not know the date and time each gotchi was summoned. As we aim to expand to a more mainstream community, we should consider alternative ways gotchis can become more valuable. With a renewed interest in astrology, and a general fondness for birthdays, I believe making the date and time of summoning visible under the traits tab will be beneficial for the community.

I propose that date and time in UTC each gotchi was summoned be included under the trait tab, preferably under the rarity curve.

I don’t see any potential drawbacks of being able to visibly see gotchi date and time of summoning, so any feedback here would be great.

Would love to hear other thoughts.

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I like this idea. I would assume all of this information would be on the blockchain so it should be feasible.

I think it is a great idea. Although the information is on the blockchain, highlighting it under traits would be a great user interface addition

Display Gotchi’s Age
The link above is to the idea of displaying the age of the Gotchi’s that was posted on March 8.
I think they make great gifts for people’s birthdays, they could open the portal on their birthday to share their birthday with their Gotchi.

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