Decentralization shouldn't aid Racism

I’m white and still find this wrong and offensive to my friends and the community.

We must do better.
There’s a way to prevent such insensitivity but it’ll take work from the community to see that these changes are pushed through.


Thank you, I just saw this on the marketplace and was about to start a forum post as well.

We knew it was something that could happen as it is on the block chain. However, I strongly hope that something can be done to discourage naming practices such as this one. Be it by cancelling any rewards provided to the player if they play, censoring the name while in game, blocking such names from listing on bazaar.


If we create a community that allows casual racism (or in this case very un-casual), we might as well be digging this project’s grave.


I disagree. “I am white and still find this offensive and so insensitive” lmao. I am black and I don’t find this wrong and offensive. This is crypto, and I don’t think we should censor anything.

I saw a gotchi named “Jew” on the market, do you think this is racist as well ? I have a gotchi named “Donald Trump”, should we delete this name because some people are offended by him ?

This is typicaly the type of ad hoc action we should not engage with. Especially because this has a political/ideological component that I believe we should not get into. We are not fucking instagram or twitter.

If you are really that offended by this, just buy the gotchi and hold it so no one can use the name ever.

Decentralization shouldn’t aid censorship and the spread any political beliefs.


Donald Trump and Jew aren’t racial slurs.

When someone uses a word that denigrated black people for 100s of years, they are introducing real world ideology. By participating in a DAO and discussing the future of the project, we become political actors.

Individuals have the right to say whatever they want, but the community has the right to set standards.

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A troll naming his ghost some word isn’t racist.
treating another race like shit is racist.

But let’s be honest we all knew people were gonna name some gotchis some weird crap
I was even talking about this before it happened.
I also said that the media might go cry about it.
That being said i really don’t care about the names except the fact the media might go crybaby mode.
I myself had a good laugh when i found hitler in the bazaar :joy:


In my opinion as well
words are words until you use them directly against a single person
in that case you are actually verbally abusing someone.
And there is a fair point to be made where do you draw the line.

But at the same time we can’t dismiss the fact the media might go and paint the whole project as a neo nazi racist community, as they likely would do that. And that’s the last thing i’d want.


I agreed with what you said. And you are right, Trump and Jew are not racial slurs, so it can’t be compared to n-word. But what about gotchi named “fuck white people” or “asians have small dicks”?

I just wanted to show that executing censorship in a decentralized manner is impossible because the degree between what is acceptable or not is subjective and varies between people.

We are political actors and should set standards, yes. I just think we should limit our political discussions and decisions withing the boundaries of the game and not allow “real world politics” into the debate of our community. This will only create unecessary divisions and waste ressources.

I agree its simply impossible and not feasible for every offensive word/phrase to be voted on the DAO, which is the only option to avoid centralized censorship. Theres thousands of these if people try to get around it so we might as well accept the fact that there are shitty people all around, just don’t be one of them.

There is a difference between prejudice and discrimination. White people have never been discriminated against. Although prejudice is still wrong, it is far from being prejudice towards cultures, races and sexual orientations that have been discriminated against all over the world.

“Asian people have small dicks” - that has probably never been used to discriminate against them. If you used “C**nks” that word has been used to discriminate against and lower Chinese people to sub human. It’s not cool, and anyone who wants that name should not receive our support.

It’s really not that hard.

To say this game shouldn’t be political, when the entire point is that we are going to be governing a new realm… As far as i see it, the governance is the main aspect of the game…

Seriously if we don’t govern more notable topics like this, rather than “can i have more money somehow please!!!” which most discussions seem to have at their heart. What would be the point? apart from money obvs…

decentralization breeds opinions…and no matter how they affects or hurts anyone, you’re entitled to it…

You should just lead with “demo string censorship issue” instead of mic dropping a link

I dont know if theres an element of reaction to the title of this topic as opposed to the content. To the content I dont think there is anything that anyone could disagree with.

  • They are white and find this wrong and offensive. Yep.
  • We must do better. Yep.
  • theres a way to prevent […] Yep.

To the title, I think its quite likely that the principles of decentralization and anonymity in general will in fact aid a bunch of human behaviours we find deserving of condemnation - by the fact that centralised censorship is in fact antithetical to the space we are in. Sooooo titling?

Its not reasonable to expect a centralised response to this. Because 1) its centralised and 2) Its quite literally a spectrum of offence to words with ‘nigger’ being at one end of it - and if you are drawing lines, there is inevitably a point at which that line is drawn. How do you justify that point.

The only course of action in the aforementioned “we must do better” and “theres a way to prevent” is through community decision. Thats the only freewill of the people route applicable. The community can vote to ban the display of certain strings in the UI.

Maybe they vote to ban the string “nigger”. Maybe community passes.
Maybe they vote to ban the string “n1gger”. Maybe community passes.
Maybe they vote to ban the string “n1gg3r”. Maybe community passes.
Maybe they vote to ban the string “asians have small dick”. Maybe the community passes.

They vote. That is all anyone can expect.

The problem is there are surely over thousands of really offensive words/phrases against different races, sexes, cultures, religion and in different languages. Is it feasible for the DAO to individually vote on each one when it occurs? I don’t think so.

Well hopefully we don’t have thousands of instances. Voting on the DAO only takes three clicks. I don’t think this factor is significant enough.

If there is a mechanism for people to be racist, there has to be a mechanism for people to take action against it.

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If this game hits mainstream u think there wont be trolls that come up with every offensive name possible? welcome to the internet. And how do u draw the line of racist? From your quote above u thought Asians havn’t been called small dicks? Well as an Asian I can tell you that small eyes, small dicks, asian virus, kung flu and way more racist slurs are used against us and I can’t even imagine how many variations of racist slurs are used against other people of color. Point is, its impossible to vote on every single offensive name if it does occur in the future.

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No, it’s really not impossible to vote on every single one. That is surely the easiest way to go about it. If someone sees anything going on in aavegotchis that they deem racist or discriminatory in anyway, why should they not be able to bring it forward in the DAO? Then people can just vote on it and be done with it. If it gets too much, then people can think of ways to make it more efficient possibly. To just say “it’s impossible” and not even try is far from satisfactory.

It will be a good measure of the community.


Yep, I think these most obviousones could be filtered out. Allthough every offensive word in all the languages can be filtered.