Does aavegotchi ever have any issues with bots?

I haven’t had the chance to go inside and play the game yet, but i am curious if the game has experienced any run ins with bots or extra user accounts that could affect the game negatively?

Yes, it used to be a problem. Not sure if there are many botters now… botting the arena certainly wont go over well, especially if theres an ante, er, gotchi life insurance policy at the door.

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Dealing with bots in the Gotchiverse will be an ongoing arms race but probably non existent in the arena like @HARDKOR said

Do you have suggestions to mitigate them?

Yes with Vendible Labs: personal data is stored in Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and with the use of zero knowledge proofs, 1 of 1 users can be determined all while maintaining a sovereign system. It’s a unique solution and there are already some gaming partnerships in the works. @Hefe

A counterpoint - I believe we will see botting in the Aarena. There are bots that can beat pro dota players and aavegotchi is a pretty simple game thus far. I have no idea how bad it could be but we should be vigilant as a dao

I agree 100% that people will bot, but we can enforce bans via cartridges. Hopefully those are rolled out by the time we have the final product.

I don’t want to shill too hard, but with Vendible we are partnering with defi gaming companies to eliminate bots with decentralized identifiers. It’s a simple integration- I wonder who I could talk to about this if it is of interest to this platform

Cartridges are interesting. My hope is they can be implemented in a way that is not too restrictive to onboarding new users.

I believe this is the correct place to make partnership proposals

They are done and ready to go. Ill make sure we ask whats up at meeting. My assumption is that they come out if we turn spillage on, so most likely also with full arena.

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@HARDKOR I would love to set up a time to meet and discuss more! I am on biz dev with Vendible Labs and sourcing gaming platforms to partner with regarding our unique identity solution. I think there is potential interest for both parties here with any issues regarding bots. If you are interested send over your telegram and I can send over some more info on us

That would be something best directed to Dan or Jesse.

Thank you! @HARDKOR

@Jesse_gldnXross Hi there, if you could review the above thread and get back to me that would be great. I am interested in furthering the discussion between both of our projects and would love to meet externally if you have the time. Thanks