Proposal: Gotchi breeding


After the opening of the portals, there are a lot of lonely and abandoned Ghotchi with a rarity score below 500. They are sold on the market for a penny and no one wants to be frens with them. To give them utilitarian properties, I propose to introduce a new mechanic “Breeding ghosts”.

Breeding mechanics description

You can take two gotchi, combine them and get a new one with random traits in return (the old two gotchi will be sacrificed).
Also, traits may not be completely random, but generated based on the traits of the parents. In this way, it will be possible to even create ghosts with the desired traits (but always with random eyes).
At the same time, it turns out that not all ghosts are good for each other, for example, a ghost with a high energy trait does not fit well with a ghost with a low energy trait, since as a result this trait will be averaged.
We can also add new “Generation” property, which means how many generations of ancestors this ghost had. For this procedure, you can take a commission in $GHST and send it to treasure. The commission can increase with each generation.

Thus, we will reduce the number of ordinary ghosts and give them more value, and also there will be another completely new profession for Aavegotchi ecosystem.

- Make gotchi with common traits more valuable and add to them new utility function
- Replenishment of the treasury through commissions
- New profession for Aavegotchi masters

P.S. This is a general description of the new mechanics, and of course it can be simplified or made more complex.

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I love the idea, however, statistically speaking, it will reduce the rarity of high and low value traits, since you’d be removing gotchis with average values and adding gotchis with low/high values (if you breed “correctly”).
Over time, this will devalue the gotchis (both currently rare and currently common) and make rarity farming a lot more difficult.

By definition “rare” needs to be a small minority.

Also, at the current price, most people can barely afford one Gotchi, let alone two. So if you give people with 10+ Gotchis a way to turn them into 5 better Gotchis, than that will just turn new users away. How could they ever compete with that, without spending a fortune?


It is an excellent idea that would stimulate the market and increase the value of $GHST

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From this point of view, you are right. But nevertheless, a simple option can be implemented, when you get a completely random gotchi instead of two old ones.

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Also, this can be balanced if, when burning ghosts, we will also receive back two, one of which will be with deteriorated traits and the second, possibly with rarer ones than before. You can also mark one random of them as “fruitless” and it will no longer be possible to use it for these purposes again.

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Cool idea - i think it would be interesting.

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You really want to brutally murder your 2 frens to create 1 fren? sadghostnoises
Though honestly i’d say this shouldn’t be a sure fire easy way to increasing your rarity.
I don’t even know if this is a good idea at all at the same time! Since all ghosts have their use for different budgets.
And this would just cause whales to burn as many ghosts as they can get their hands on.
to the point where nobody can get in anymore.

As for common gotchi’s there are none, nobody takes out commons out of the portals
making commons the most rare of all.
I’m pretty sure there are more 550+ gotchis than gotchis under 400 at the moment

Instead as explained in Paupergotchi idea
Commons should be created in a pauper portal drop (common values only) for people who have less money
give them an entry way into the game and also this gives the bazaar a bunch of commons so later players can buy those.
Their utility as entry level is priceless. getting new people in is very important.

Lastly I’m not fully against this type of fusion, I just fear the risk of people burning ghosts to the point where nobody can get in anymore…

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