End mouse movement and reserve the mouse for aiming in PVP

Problems this solves -
The better bots use mouse movement to move to a specific point
PVP without actual aiming is not a good experience

Reasons we haven’t done this -
Phone players need mouse movement to play

Reasons why this no longer matters -

We just stopped spillage, we obviously don’t care about phone players
We moved to allowing max zoom, you cant even see a gotchi on a phone, at max zoom

  • Make it so!
  • I care about phone players or I like to play snake fights

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EDIT: I’m going to make this a sig prop, during the hangout, if I see support. The devs are working hard on PVP balancing, so we should make our wishes known NOW if we are going to say anything at all.

I always foresaw a game that used mouse for aiming and keyboard for movement… Any PVP/PVE action that’s literally point and shoot is just too basic in this day and age.

Mouse aiming leaves many options open moving forward too… spell casting etc…

Cant really imagine it any other way…

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