Haunt 3 Graphics / Aesthetics

I understand Haunt 3 will likely get voted to release in 2023/2024 which is why I am bringing this up now, so Pixelcraft will have a long time to perfect the next “gen 2 design”.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Haunt 3 (& onwards) would have smoother graphics / aesthetics apposed to the current haunt 1/2 mega OG pixelated ghosts?

Im just thinking from 2030 onwards … it would be really exciting to see an OG Haunt 1 or 2 floating around the Gotchiverse when 95% of the gotchis are the “gen 2 design” ?

Just a thought, figured since we’re still in alpha (crazy), why not reward the diamond hands for hodling and taking care of the most prestigious sought after OG playable defi NFTs in Web3?

In a way, it would be cool, but I believe the restriction on graphics is due to the limited image sizes that can be stored on the blockchain, so this is more of a technical limitation than a design one.
Who knows what size limits future evolutions of polygon or other blockchains will allow…

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