Infinity Keys x Aavegotchi

Hi Aavegotchi DAO - we are Infinity Keys, and we would like to propose a grant to create Infinity Keys challenges for Aavegotchi. The purpose is to create an onboarding flow for new users that reaches a variety of other gaming and web3 communities.

Infinity Keys is a gamified achievements platform with composable pieces from any web3 asset that helps projects & communities build engaging virtual challenges and quests. We are building a self-service model for anyone to create their own challenges, but for now we work directly with projects to do game design and implementation for challenges. We’re different from other projects like this in that we focus on gameplay experience, not just a retweet or follow spam campaign.

The full time team consists of Andy Boyan as Lead Founder, Technical Lead Tawnee Allport, Technical PM Chair, Solidity Dev Pegacarter, experienced supporting advisors including mobile and AAA game design talent, and a number of part-time contributors.

We’ve worked with a number of projects including Lens, Saga, Probably0, RehashDAO and more to create various gamified challenges, and we’re embarking on a series with several gaming partners to create challenges and eventually build overarching achievements that require players complete challenges across each game. It’s our way of expanding the metaverse.

For this proposal, we would like to create a series of challenges for Aavegotchi to help onboard newer players, give them the exposure to basic elements of the Gotchiverse without having to own a Gotchi themselves, and incentivize them with fun activities and treasure.

The steps in this challenge would be:

  1. Complete a basic passcode challenge on the Infinity Keys site to claim an access key (NFT).
  2. The access key creates an allowlist of addresses that can rent a Gotchi from a stable of Gotchis provided by co-sponsor Guild MSG.
  3. The player must pet the Gotchi.
  4. The player must explore the Gotchiverse and find a passcode hidden on a plot.
  5. Once the player has completed all four of these steps and claimed a key (NFT) for each, they can claim the overarching achievement trophy (NFT), which Infinity Keys will use to conduct drawings for treasure, and which the user can display as a badge of honor.

The idea behind this type of challenge is to create minigames that are not too hard, but still make the player feel like they have accomplished something. One of the challenges of Aavegotchi is that the initial investment to begin playing is significant, so this provides rails, guidance, and a tangible reward for players interested in learning about the world without a significant investment.

Themes: Part of the game design that Infinity Keys provides is a themed “story” for the player to engage with. The Infinity Keys lore is that we are keys to many places across the metaverse, so a very light Gotchi-themed story would be implemented for this challenge. This includes pixel-style art, and we will work with MSG artist TBURD to create NFT art for the keys and trophy that match Aavegotchi look and feel.

For the grant we are asking for a total of $7600. The breakdown of funds follows:

  • $4600: The standard rate for an Infinity Keys designed challenge “Pack” with IK game design, custom branding, and NFT keys+achievements.
  • $2000: Treasure dispersement. The additional overhead cost for Infinity Keys to manage treasure distribution. This cost can be mitigated if the AavegotchiDAO would prefer to distribute the treasure themselves.
  • $1000: In tickets, GHST, and FakeGotchi cards as treasure distribution.


We are building several other challenges with other game communities in January—>Feb 2023. This proposal would go live in that timeframe. We would run the campaign as a promotion for 2-3 weeks to give people the opportunity to win treasure prizes. However, the challenge itself can stay up for longer. Due to active management from the MSG guild to maintain a whitelist for rental, we would have to play this by ear, but at minimum this campaign can be up for one month.


Solid proposal to get moar eyes on aavegotchi. love what IK has been doing to promote quality engagement and most importantly fun!


I love Infinity Keys and it would be an amazingly fun integration in the Gotchiverse!!!
Paartner Paarcel staatus for sure!


Infinity keys is badass idea. We should go there:)


I’m Andy on the IK Team - happy to answer Q&A if needed. Ping me here or discord magic#4311 or twitter/tg: andyboyan

I’m pretty excited about this - it shows off some of the cooler use cases for IK and should be a neat new type of onboarding tool.


Do you provide some extra advertising? Regardless this idea should be combined with messaging whale NFT users on chat.blockscan, opensea and other venues.
I’m interested. I’d like at least a month with a somewhat addictive minigame if possible. Your idea is a first step of many ideas I’d like to see implemented similar to Aagent Missions. My idea was for a 4-parter quiz which would be much more boring.

Do you have some videos showing how it works? I assume it’s a basic fetch quest.


Hi Flame thanks for the Qs. We will do any Discord events, Twitter Spaces, Podcasts, collab conference events/panels that we are invited to. We also promote within our community spaces, Discord, Lens, Twitter, etc.

The other cross-promotion components are in the future. Once the main promotion and giveaways are complete, we can refine this hunt to be somewhat less intensive, and then require it for future hunts so that they build upon one another. We definitely plan on making this hunt a requirement for a broader web3 gaming challenge with a significant treasure. This would include several hunts of the same scope for various games across web3, so players must complete the gotchi hunt as well as several others. By leaving the challenge available past the promotion time, we can create a long-tail onboarding method for players who discover gotchi through Infinity Keys in the future.

As for a first-step, hell yes! We’d love to see how this one works and then pitch the DAO a long-term relationship to help build and run these. Perhaps we setup a joint Discord channel to record some of the good ideas about future questing.

Demo: no video yet - working on it! As for the type of quest, they range from riddles/ciphers to passcode fetch, to item fetch, to themed tasks (Join a Discord etc). Try the recent Holiday Hunt to see some of how they work: Holiday Hunt 2022 | IK Pack

Note: Whenever we create a hunt, we intentionally design them to be easy. Intro quests need to ramp up the players slowly, and many players have vastly different skill and knowledge levels, so whenever you’re creating gamified tasks, make them a notch easier. This example is made specifically for anyone with a web3 wallet already who is new to IK to get a pretty easy feel for the stuff we do.


This is the gameflow envisioned for the introductory pack:

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Sounds like a lot of fun.

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We’ve got our eyes on EthDenver as the perfect time and place to feature this pack.


Thank you for the time and effort to put forth this proposal.
I think the challenges proposed will lure curious people but not necessarily investors.
I would be more inclined to support a challenge on Layer3 for 3 reasons.
Layer3 quests focus on DeFi projects, they have 193K followers on twitter, and their followers are familiar with bridging as well as investing in LPs which is a bigger challenge IMO.
I think we will have not problem onboarding web2 people when the Unity game is live, the issue in my mind is bringing awareness to DeFi savvy crypto people.
Thank you

This quest on Layer3 was released a few days ago and already has 8000+ completions.
Layer3’s reach into the DeFi community is substantial.

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The vote needs to be reissued, weighted voting wasn’t used.

Edit: Looks like it was changed to weighted voting. Didn’t know you could change it after it’s been posted.

Or maybe Dan deleted the old one and reposted a new one.


Puzzles are fun and exciting to play, would definitely recommend to my colleagues.


I’m a huge fan of Layer 3 quests. Would love to see more Aavegotchi/ Infinity keys action here

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