Integrating a delta mechanic to XP rarity farming

Hey all with the recent talk for the next round of rarity farming I’d like to propose a slight mechanic change to the XP boards. The idea is simply to use a weighted scoring scheme for the XP board. The two factors are the classic total XP and a new delta XP during each round. This idea builds on the success of the multiplier rounds from the alchemica competition :slight_smile:

The key benefit to this proposal is to promote further deflation of gotchis through sacrifice.

We’d need to discuss how much weight the delta mechanic is, but this is an example just to make things a bit easier to understand:

Round 1:
Total XP : 80% weight
Delta XP : 20% weight

Round 2:
Total XP: 70% weight
Delta XP: 30% weight

Round 3:
Total XP: 50% weight
Delta XP: 50% weight

Round 4:
Total XP: 90% weight
Delta XP: 10% weight

Joe Gotchi:
Total XP pre-RF: 10,000

Round 1:
Accumulates 3,000 XP
13,000 * 80% + 3,000 * 20% = 10400 + 600 = 11,000

This is just an example of how things could be. Again, we’d need to decide on the different bonuses for each round.

Ages ago we had been discussing separate “delta boards” and this idea here brings back that energy but in a more compact way. The bulk of your XP is still from the classic scoring, but the delta mechanic would add in some more gameplay and leaderboard movement.

What do you think? Is this idea worth refining further?

  • Yes!
  • Nah.

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withdrew from discussion

reason: conflict of interest

Please, keep Rarity Farming at the classic state.

I thought you guys were trying to decide on Forge delta XP.

But please, dont touch RF classic rewarding system distribution.

I don’t want to repeat the same story of Delta XP abusal as it was at RF season, that came straight after Haaunt2.

If you are looking for deflationary solutions for Gotchis, then please don’t fall for the rushed decisions.

Math must be done really strictly for the ideas like this.
With the strong calculations and predictions.

It wasn’t just a discussion.
It was an implementation.
Terrible one, where xp been transfered, but yes, after sacrifices, and it’s absolutely paid 100% of the sacrifices back.
Newcomer gotchi got paid 200+ ghst per round, how is that fair?
It’s a rektality for holders that is not willing to sacrifice for any reason, in the matter of the scarcity.
Don’t bring extra forcing power to move exp leaderboard.
We have classic exp sacrifices and forge with essence…

Why do I feel like it’s a greedy offer to force sacrifices even deeper?
The one who wants to sacrifice, will sacrifice. And they will get them initial benefits.
Then why you want to rekt the ones that don’t want to do so?
Why it looks like a nerf to OGs and a tool to force people to sacrifice against them will, in the matter of not loosing the initial value and rewards, as extra?

Please, stop.
Do delta xp for forge.
Classic world of warcaft way better rpg, than it’s addons that took the skill tree down.
So, please, let’s keep it classic. :pray:

Best plan in a while. RF is currently so boring that PC doesn’t even do a call.

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Hopefully we can mobilise something bigger for season 7.
Smithing competition is something we can do independently and hopefully much sooner.


Should deffo start mobilising to change some of the things for season 7, delta xp missed with forge, and forge related rewards looked nice but seems like the community wants that as a separate leaderboard a la gotchi alch competitions.