Launch of RF SZN4

GM Gotchigaang!

Hope the realm and the bear market immunity of the curve have been treating you well!

In line with the core prop passed on feb 15th, I’d like to take this moment to formalise the start of S4 with the gotchi-DAO. You can refer to the previous proposal, AGIP23, here: Snapshot

Since no major changes to the BRS, XP or kinship systems have occurred since the last season and since the passing of the proposal, I suggest we keep parameters equal to what they were for S3.

Following that, this would be the final model for SZN4:

4 Rounds (2 weeks each) 1.5 Million GHST Rewards Pool - to be funded by the land sale of AGIP30, for which the core prop passed here: Snapshot

70% BRS

20% Kinship

10% XP

Top 7.5k Gotchis (30%)

In the event where the land sale of AGIP30 does not lead to a RF pool of 1.5m GHST or higher, I suggest we make the rest of the 1.5m GHST prize pool whole via the DAO treasury as previously discussed in AGIP 23. The DAO is potentially going to get rebalanced with a lot of GHST due to a recent pixelcraft-lead proposal for a DAI buyback that might pass governance in the near future, so it would tie in handily to that, in my opinion.

In case you missed it, a short recap for our RF scheduling;

SZN 4: June - July

SZN 5: October - November

SZN 6: February - March 2023

Thanks for your input and your attention, as always gang, stay spooky!


While I’m pleased with the ongoing developments in the Gotchiverse, it’s great to see us get back to our core by pushing forward with RFS4. The timing is also ideal since the goal was to have three seasons of rarity farming per year. We’ll need to get S4 started relatively soon in order to have three seasons this year. LFG GotchiGang!


Sold. LFG Get a date. This is automatically going in the meeting, thanks for pulling the trigger :smiley:

pulls wearables from bazaar


Something to note: there is currently a bug related to wearable sets in the leaderboard calculations.

Ideally this would be fixed before a new RF season - hopefully it would not be a lot of dev time, but it’s something to be aware of.

Details are long, so I added a new post: Wearable Sets calculation in Rarity Farming


As much as I love RF, there are a lot of things to sort out with the Gotchiverse atm. I think we should bump RF forward a little so we can focus on the game.

SZN 4: September - October

SZN 5: January - February

SZN 6: May - June

We shouldn’t kick Rarity down the road… the pacing is key to making sure wearables don’t become a thing you own once a year. If we push it, people are getting burned for holding them, and the alch/glitter hyperfocus on the extraction sectors gets too stronk. We must maintain the balance as best we can, and the rest of the dev cycle should never slow down Rarity… if the money is there, it’s there. No rarity, no RPG, no AArena? Kinship is king, the rest of the Gotchis traits and the wearables mean nothing.


Love to see this get started. Been waiting to see all dressed up beauties again. LFG.


As soon as the Wearable Task Force gives the green light im up for it .

On another note, why not request some additional funds from the DAO (there’s so much $ in the DAO thats not being put into any use… ) to supercharge this rarity farming season since we now have thousands of new eyes looking into the game, making this a super flashy event might be a way of getting some of them a bit more interested in not dumping their hard earned alchemica into that nasty USDT , and instead start stacking towards an incredible gotchi


Seriously… for those of us that want H3… more eyes, more investment, more excitement about gotchis… This hellmarket on the BTC side is our best Advert ever.

Fully support this! also if we postpone this and wearables benefits are not implemented for another month or 2. the wearable game gonna die even more than it is now. I’m all for a well balanced economy :+1:

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Xp and Kinship (specially kinship) now have a use, its pointless to reward kinship gotchis 2 times (channeling and RF).
Remove the Kinship RF rewards and allocate them to Rarity rewards, this way maybe the mid range gotchis (530-550) could actually see some market action


Most excellent add on ser. Kinship is the money already, and once we have the RPG, we can ditch XP as part of rarity, which will make rarity farming great again, at each stage of development.

I feel like rarity farming has a symbiosis with the RPG, in that we will eventually be finding magic weapons and whatnot. We want to create a feedback loop there, of buying awesome gear, to do well in RPG, to get cool stuff, to win rarity, so you can afford more cool stuff, to win harder at the RPG, so you can afford your glitter habit down at the lodge.

edit: I no longer believe this. It is misguided in that the protocol is separate from the verse, and what happens in verse should not affect the core gameplay already established.


I was just thinking about this and saw you already mentioned. I agree with you on the suggestion to remove rewards for Kinship and allocate to Rarity.

Let’s not rug Kinship and/or XP from the rarity farming rewards. Are we also going to remove rarity farming altogether when BRS offers health points in the Gotchiverse?


I absolutely agree we need to stay on schedule with Rarity Farming. Although the games side of Aavegotchi is getting all the attention at the moment, we also need to stay true to the protocol side and Rarity Farming has always been a key factor.

I 100% agree with @jarrod that Kinship and XP must stay as part of Rarity Farming. The Gotchiverse is totally separate from Rarity Farming so the fact they earn in the game to me is mostly irrelevant. Basing rewards only on BRS doesn’t make sense to me as it’s a mix between pure luck & pay-to-play, whereas Kinship & XP are earned (even though we have auto-petters).


I was in fact looking for a proposal for H3, what is the situation like here? I feel that there is a big need for more gotchis to improve the land to gotchi ratio. Ideally I would avoid GBM auctions for the new haunt, would love something that would allow as many people as possible in aavegotchi

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it saddens me to see a few players pooling the end of kinship with continuing RF. Kiship champions and kinship gotchis have been rugged enough with the channeling rewards as it is.


Consensus is generally that we need to see concrete demand before releasing more gotchis. 80%+ of summoned gotchis are not used, and currently any player can play for free as much as they want.

Things like percentage of gotchis used, cost of rental, and floor price of gotchis could all be good metrics to show us when there is strong demand. But people wanting cheap gotchis is not the same as demand.


I understand that 80%+ of summoned gotchis remain unused, but this imho does not prove there is no demand. Floor price is 600 GHST or about 1000$, which cuts out a lot of players, especially in the current crypto market conditions
Discussing the matter with my friend @superrisk he came up with an interesting idea to reward active players instead of speculators: we could have a tiered sale, where the longer the time spent in the game, the lower the purchase price of a brand new H3 portal.
Then there could be some differences in the H3 summoned gotchis that justifies the premium price of H1 and H2 gotchis. Does this make sense to anyone else?

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I don’t think H3 is on the horizon anytime soon, with the current market and the current buildout of the realm heavily ongoing.

Let’s let H1 and H2 have their moment in the spotlight first.