Magna Carta Gotchium

Simplex ‘Magna Carta Gotchium’ wearable/portal -ratio and rarity type ratio fixing
by DAO vote - proposal.

Facts:There are 50841 wearables and 10000 Portals released thus far
after the Raffle4 + Maall drop.

66 Godlike
1200 Mythical
4175 Legendary
7900 Rare
14000 Uncommon
23500 Common

So the ratio of wearables (all rarities) /Portals (in Existence)
stand at 5.0841 to 1.

To give a max cap to this ratio, as a First Step (there are a lot of details,
to be thought out but that can happen later) to not have the wearables
values get diluted and there still being room for subsequent changes with flexibility
for popular person promos etc,

I submit the following proposition to the DAO in the first running year of the Gotchi,
to be eventually submitted as a Core vote by the Team in a form they in their
GalaxyBrainlike Wisdom see the best to benefit the whole of Gotchiconomy and the GotchiVersum.

Should the wearable/portal ratio be? … (first part)

  1. More than 5.0842 wearables/portals in existence
  2. Less than 5.0842 wearables/portals in existence

And! (second part)

The ratio between different rarities would remain as they are,
But they could be minted in lesser amounts though.
Or, that rarities ratio could be that relatively more Rarer wearables could be minted/
introduced to the GotchiVerse.

  1. Wearables rarity ratios can go up from what they are at after R4/MaallDrop
  2. Wearables rarity ratios can only stay same or go down after R4/MaallDrop

Though I hope the ratio of wearables to portals will go down if there ever will be
more Portals, with a similar curve to as many coins have with diminishing rewards
being released as the block height advances. (But that is for a later vote)

A. 1. 3.
B. 1. 4.
C. 2. 3.
D. 2. 4.

by George Gotchington


I like the idea because I think we need a rule regarding increasing wearables supply that is objective and scalable with user growth. In any case, I would prefer a decreasing ratio, wearables should increase in value with time, and if the supply is proportional to number of players, price will remain stable. Actually, given the purchasing power of the average current players will probably decrease as we onboard new users/normies, price would actually go down.

We could also have a wearable/portal ratio based on the rarity of the wearables. Either different ratios and/or different rate of changes in the ratios between different rarity. That way we could maintain scarcity of rarest wearable while maintaining availability of more common wearables.


Agreed. that will make gotchi becoming a longer game, not just for hype.
and will make the wearables more valuable.

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I am only typing this to meet the 20 character minimum. Below is my vote. :joy:

D. 2. 4.


Love the objectivity and neutrality of this proposal, bravo.
I will abstain from voicing my opinions on wearables yet again and simply say
D. 2. 4.


While I’m not sure about the metrics, I total agree with the intent to have limits on the ratio of wearables relative to the gotchi population and the ratio of rarities within the collection of minted wearables. In lieu of additional info I’d go for D.2.4.


A. 1. 3. -
is what I would vote, since my train of thought is this:
Currently Gotchis have 8 Slots, which means that 80k wearables would be necessary to fill the slots of 10k Gotchis.
I feel, if I opted for fewer wearables, I would opt for a greater number of naked Gotchis?
This leads me to the inclination of opting for flexible rarity ratios as a handle on the price/value-evolution of wearables.
The change of the the rarity-ratio could be tied to a pre-defined curve. Fine-tuned changes to the progression of the curve could be voted on in DAO.

A. 1. 3.

I think the way it is right now or even more items is the way to go.
What we need to do is incentivize changing clothes so that lowend clothes keep value more.

Here is one of my idea’s that may help with this.

TLDR of the post: Single stat competition done in 2 week rounds for each stat the highest (either really low or really high) wins. This incentivizes people to switch clothes every 2 weeks to try to max out the single stats. And ensures a nicely flowing wearable economy. And as the final kicker gives value to low brs gotchi’s that have a high single stat. And allows people with less money to still do rarity farming in a reasonably priced way.

Also next time just make a poll at the gear icon when making a post :stuck_out_tongue:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Well. You see, there will always be unopened portals and open portals from which a Gotchi has not been summoned , therefore not needing cladding.
Also, not everyone is interested in clothing all their Gotchis, although the recent update to award 5000 top Gotchis does give reason to cloth even lower BRS Gotchis.


Liquidity, Volatility, Inflation -

the market for ERC1155s is in fletchling-state in general.

The GotchiVerse has its own instantiation of this market.

The different stakeholders – and we as a part of them – constitute „the FED“ of this market, so to speak. (If a Gotchi with the name „Alan Greenspan“ should emerge, I would nominate him as the Chairman instantly…)

Together we are trying to reason about and come up with optimal conditions for growth. (I fathom „growth“ as a target is almost general consensus.)

Growth means inflation. So, what we are talking about here, is the „rate of inflation“ for our ERC1155-market aka Gotchi-Wearables and furthermore the means of impacting „the rate of the rate of inflation“.

We are gradually coming up with metrics for optimizing the path to reach the target:

its awesomelly cool, that you already came up with one. (We could/should certainly think of others, maybe this metric will emerge as THE key-metric, maybe it will be accompanied by other metrics.)

I guess by juggling some numbers and pondering our preception/description of these numbers, we can get a feel for our aim:

right now we are at 7164 acquired portals -

Diamond (0x86935F11C86623deC8a25696E1C19a8659CbF95d) - Mainnet Explorer -

or 5827 Gotchis - Aavegotchi leaderboard -

taking the number of 50841 wearbles

thats 7.1 wearables/sold portal

or 8.7 wearables/summoned Gotchi

„no need for cladding“ - oh yeah, there are some Gotchis that really look cladded :slight_smile:

„not everyone is interested in clothing all their Gotchis“ - thats a good point: it translates for me into: „not everybody will be interested in full-tilt BRS/ARS-farming“ - but we could ask ourselves, if its not the case, that we really want to be (almost) everybody to be heavily invested in it, right?

Fren pointed out:

„incentivizing people to switch clothes“ and „ensuring a nicely flowing wearable economy“ -

I assume for myself, that I will want to switch between wearables for ARS-farming…

taking into consideration what the Wiki says:

“That said, the rarity level of a single Aavegotchi is dynamic and will change over time, as the distribution of traits and wearables in the Aavegotchi universe changes. In other words, it isn’t enough to simply max out a particular trait in your Aavegotchi. You also have to consider the actions of other players. For instance, if too many players try to grind it out for a war-like gotchi with high aggression scores, this trait becomes less rare, and your Aavegotchi’s rarity level goes down.”

As the Wiki states, there will be a certain dynamic, and an engaged player will want to flexibly react to the dynamics.

The analogy that comes to my mind right now, is a soccer-team(or whatever other team-sport) where a certain number of players are always „on the bench“ during the game – additionally, the team consists of a „cadre“, which can be at times double the size of the active equipe.

I havent watched it that closely, but it seems to me that most wearables are trading above the Mall-price at the moment?

I think, that it is in the interest of those interested in these aspects of the game:

that both – buyers and sellers – find a lively market,

that the players/farmers have the menas they need to enjoy the game and explore its possibilities,

that the market itself is able to adapt to emerging phenomena (tides of user-adoption, discovery of new mechanics, ….)

You mentioned the update to award 5000 top Gotchis – thats a major expansion in my view and a really great positive signal.

we now have 8 item-slots and currently 8.7 wearables/summoned Gotchi

the ratio-number will decrease until friday and then go slightly up (Mall-drop) and than again decrease steadily until the next drop/raffle.

To come back to explain my choice of the options you have given:

as of now -I want flexibility regarding the number of wearables and flixibility in rarity-ratios.

I guess bigger reconsideration on my part will come in season 2… of course, these are just some early and preliminary musings and its highly probable (if not certain ) I am missing some key facts at this point :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for inspiration, great topic to think about!

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