🏹 make items crafting yield compatible to FRENs yield


as was summarised in popular post, current economic model is not aimed towards the growth of amount of active players (holding 1+ aavegotchi and participating in ecosystem)

as discussed, the solution can be to yield FRENs to all items in the game , yet there is another more fun way: we can balance it we create proportional amount of items from crafting

proportion variable can be determined by calculating market caps of assets compared to market cap of GHST say for the time when this post was published (to avoid market manipulations)

for example: same amount/rarity of items as in last raffle are available to craft from alchemica.

this model is pretty straightforward and can be easily explained, and, most importantly: it is making market assets the same level citizen as GHST in gotchiverse. Meaning we will be more like p2e game and less like a farm.

what do you think?



Need to be clear tho.
So you mean both consumables and wearables right ?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I think what’s being suggested here is something similar to what Sunflower Farms does with some of it’s craftables.

So we have new sets of items, in similar quantities to last raffle:
Each item must be crafted using Alchemica, and each item has a limited supply so once the supply is hit they can’t be crafted anymore.

Only 100 sus butterflies can be crafted, for example. You can easily play-to-win in this model as you simply need to invest time into the game to beat out other players to the items you want.

But won’t whales just crush players with their massive alch deposits?
I actually don’t think so. Having all item rarities available means that while the whales are chasing godlikes, people like me can strive to craft a rare or maybe even legendary item.

Is this sustainable?
Mmmm this is the tougher question. If we’re not careful, the items are gonna be gone really quick like a maall sale – not a great user experience. If we’re not careful, the items are gonna take too long to craft and not really achieve any competition with GHST frens yield.

I do think this idea has a lot of potential if we flesh it out properly!


i like the idea aims to create and establish an alchemica sink relationship with wearables, maybe limiting this even more and saying something like each gotchi can create one item using alchemica and while equiped on the creator it gives a specific bonus (towards a specific class ) like in a true rpg where you need to level a bit before defining your class, here a wearable alchemica sink would give the right incentive to gameplay. maybe that could also help fix the “traits mapping” since gotchis naked without a set amount of exp wouldnt be specialized