Unlock Abilities Based on BRS

Well I must admit Coderdan opened pandora’s box at the end of today’s hangout. He left us with the notion that anything is possible and if we can dream it, they can do it.

In the hangout we were discussing what different traits could do along the bell curve. I can’t recall all the suggestions off the top of my head, but some that were mentioned:

High energy could give more speed, but low energy more stamina etc.
Low aggression takes less dmg, high agg does more dmg
Low spookiness has charm
Low brain more dmg, high brain more magic dmg

Something that really excites me is the possibility to have talent trees and abilities based upon stats.

Ideas like at 90 energy, you unlock sprint. At 60 energy you unlock charge. etc. etc. etc.
You could also build (simple at first) talent trees. Say you have -3 energy, at the 25 energy level you would be able to choose one set of abilities or another. (see graphic)

The blue are chosen talents, the grey unavailable, and the red x’s denote the talents unavailable due to choice. [this also opens up respeccing at a cost :smiley: ]

In the hangout, there was some excitement around the idea that different stats would essentially create different classes (tank, healer, caster, etc) and with some kind of talent tree, we could take it even further :slight_smile:

Anywho, I’d like to open this thread up as a way to collect all the ideas around this topic. What direction to take the gotchi’s stats? What kind of abilities would be awesome? and of course, what to do with the different eyes & even collaterals?


To me, games are about mixing difficult decisions, luck, and skill. I love how this deepens the decisions part of the game, and that it makes each gotchi more unique as time passes. If we’re talking about how to promote H1 value, imagine the value of a high BRS H1 gotchi with kinship unjuiced and a blank skill tree to fill out.

Could connect this to the aging idea we’re kicking around as well (e.g. more options open up with age).

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I really like your idea! that way each side is incentivized in some way.

what about the following suggestions:

low agg = larger hit amount
high agg = faster rate of attack
low brain = takes less dmg
high brain = increased chance of fatal blow/critical strike

idk about spooky tho

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Ooo I like this. Something that comes up is making it cost kinship to unlock the talents. So even if your gotchi is 100 energy you still need kinship (or another resource) to actually unlock it. Adds more play to win elements.