Notification, Announcement for big event prior to 12 hours at least

I would like to ask the team to provide the notification or the announcement of every big event before it happens at least 12 hours.

To consider this project as global, which covers all timezone in the world. According to the last snapshot. I can see only the announcement before the snapshot occurs around 4 hrs.

I have to admit that I missed this snapshot because I have a long meeting which I didn’t pay attention to on my phone enough. But consider the player who’s on their bed at that time. 4 hrs might not be enough for them too.

This is obviously my mistake but to be more friendly and fair to all the players.

By the way, I might be asking too much, so have to say sorry in advance.

Or is there a better way or another mechanic to help people who’re not full-time crypto players? Please. Thanks.

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they definitely already do…


We usually try to give plenty of advance notice for anything affecting large swaths of the player base. Was there a particular event you’re referring to?


I think he meant the RF round 2 snapshot.

HI Dan, I kindly suggest that, voting rewards be given to all voters regardless of having to own a Gotchi. Most times rewards are forfeited due to unavailability of ownership of Gotchis and so the 20-XP reward is not awarded to voters of such cases. The team can decide to reward them in other ways asides XP. Thanks.