Option to pause harvesting :)

Hi! The basic idea is to add option to pause harvesters to harvest. For example I want build harvesters but i don’t want to collect alchemica now, I want to build up harvesters and turn them on when the bull market is coming :slight_smile: or when there will be more options to ALPHA or KEK, for example.

I know some of you will tell, that you can collect and store, round will end…
If i collect alchemica, I can sell easy, with one click.
If i have invested in harvesters and they are paused, i can’t sell with one click. I have to sell land with buildings, if there are panic. I have to think how much i invested, time, money, etc, and have some cooldown time, and there are chance that i will not sell.


  • Players invest alchemica and build harvesters.
  • Players not harvesting parcels alchemica, no sell preasure from those players.
  • Its is option for players who don’t want to play the game right now, in the bear market, they can invest, and forget about it in some time. They don’t have to login in the game 2-3 times a day.

So, no new alchemica come to market and invested alchemica stays locked. Win win situation.


  • When the price of alchemica will go up, there will be sell pressure.

Many of us want long term investments, but sometimes we crack when the price go down, and we lose long term vision, this option will help some of us to stay in long term vision and will not harm ecosystem.

I don’t know how difficult it is to implement.

:thinking: If you never empty your reservoirs, you are basically “pausing” harvesting because they actually stop extracting once your reservoirs are full to capacity :man_shrugging:


I thought that when reservoir are full, alchemica goes to spillover. Thank you for clarification :slight_smile: