Paupergotchi idea

Alright so i came up with another idea.
The idea is to create some entry level for new players just wanting to test the waters.
the idea is a portal drop with only common and uncommon trait values.

The idea is that people would buy these pauper portals for 25 ghst so even people with less money can enjoy a couple of ghosfrens! :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
Even the 25 ghost price is just an example it can be anything from 10 to even 50 if people want to keep the rarity more/less.

  • I’ll leave the rarity and min / max values up for debate
  • Also the amount of portals up for debate
  • Ape tax should be through the roof to stop whales from bullying paupers :whale: :monkey_face: :monkey_face:

Tell me what you think!

I think this would be good also because nobody is picking common ghosts from the normal portals
making commons the most rare of all so far!
this is a nice way of making a common actually common and to let people that come in later on still catch a common on the bazaar for a reasonable price
a game like this can not function on whales and initial investors only.
it must continue to grow. And to do that you must bring in the average joe. :man:t2:
if there are only 10k ghosts there can only be 10k players.


I second this. Even decaying rarity or expiration date gothchis. All good if all you wanna test the waters. You could turn these on actual gothchis with effort

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It could be gotchis that all have the same stats and everything and you could use any aToken for spirit power, each wallet could only have one of these and there wouldn’t be tradeable. This way, anyone who wants to play the game can actually play it and it doesn’t decrease rarity or whatever.

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If there is any randomnes in the minigames: And if againsgt all ods a pauper wins a game it can become a real ghost! :slight_smile:

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Now that people have made leaderboards, it’s made me realize near perfect commons are just as rare as rare gotchi’s
so as to not reduce value for them i’d say there should be a minimal value of 55 to a maximum of 65
or 45 to 35
this would make the lowest rarity score possible 330 instead of 300
and highest would be 390
60-70//40-30 range would also be possible which would be 360min and 420max

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