We need an entry level

I’ve made multiple posts about entry level but i think it’s best to merge all entry level related things in here

Why is this important?
I believe getting new players in is the most important thing in any game.
There will always be people quitting but if the ratio of quitters outgrows the people coming in
you’ve got a big problem.

The problem for new players:
Mainstream can not afford the prices of commons and even the worst ghosts on the market are above their budget.
Most people can probably only afford to lose 100-200$ on this

Getting more new players
I believe the first step is getting a succesful season1
once it’s proven to work even people with more money will get in.
The second step is maybe a small ad campaign to get as many people for haunt 2 as possible.

Current ideas for the less wealthy:

  • An item tier lower than common called trash tier that gives +1 or -1 stat without giving +1BRS extra like a common would making them basically 0.5 times as good as a common and thus cheap.
  • portal drop with only commons (this will piss off the low brs memers)
    or a completely new type of ghost $ghst ghost that produces frens with it’s spirit force.
    The stats again would be on debate since they can not be high but not super low either.
  • Use a small part of the treasury to buy up the cheapest commons/trash tier on the bazaar

and give them out as rewards for petting your gotchi 10 days in a row or something??
Or maybe reward them in minigames that are not worth doing for someone with a better gotchi?

If you have anything to add to this feel free to say something! :ghost: :ghost:

You aggree with
  • Trash item tier
  • Common portaldrop (with further debate)
  • Small part of treasury to buy trash/commons to give away
  • Small ad campaign a few weeks before haunt2

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This is an important topic to discuss. I had one idea that is similar to the “trash” tier you envision. I recently did a post about making a traveling cart with the wares rather than the mall. I won’t go into that here.

Instead, what we could use the mall for is to sell an unlimited supply of trash tier that would be +1/-1 stats. These unlimited supply wearables would change each haunt, so they would still have some level of collectibility as older seasons would become rarer by default as the game grows in popularity. They would sell for 5 GHST or something else quite cheap so new players could have fun buying different outfits and playing with the stat mods. This adds another benefit as the mall would always be stocked with something, giving more playability.

I believe a +1/-1 is what common items already are, so a +1/-1 stat boost may be necessary across all rarities to keep things in tiers.

Would love to discuss this more.


I think they should not be unlimited because i think even new players prefer the idea of oh i bought this limited edition item.
That being said, I’m not against some kind of unlimited starter set event lasting a week or 2!
or maybe a yearly event selling year number shirts like this year would be the 2021 shirt
with 2021 cap etc.
something basic like this would be something you can show off like hey i got this thing from 2021.

as for the normal trash tier items i think there should be 10k per trash item. Even as the game scales i don’t think they’d get too expensive.

And again if we have the treasury buy back a few to give out to new players doing minigames not worth doing for higher people. then new players will always be able to get some items.

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With the unlimited, it would be limited to a time window. For instance, with Haunt 2 there would be, say, 3 sets of items unlimited in supply that would no longer be available with Haunt 3. I suspect the unlimited supply would be self-governing as not many people would stockpile something so inexpensive with inexhaustible supply.

Event-oriented items are also a great idea and should be proposed in a different post so as to not deviate too far from the original idea here. (BUT i think it would be uber cool to make 100k BTC hats when BTC hits 100k and any active wallet during that event would have one week to purchase ONE hat from the mall for like 10 GHST)

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I aggreed with Trash item tier but I do hate the name “trash.” Perhaps “Pleb”?