Pixelcraft Finances Transparency Report

Hey frens, as requested here is a snapshot of Pixelcraft’s finances as of Dec 31, 2023. Our finance team is prepping for tax season so we opted to go with the quarter that’s already 100% complete.

In total we have roughly 6M USD of liquid assets under value at this time. Pixelcraft is sharing this transparent look at the health of our company in the spirit of comradery with AavegotchiDAO. Confirming the financial health of the company will hopefully give the DAO more clarity on our company’s motivations in the short and mid term.

Our burn in 2023 was significantly higher than it is so far in 2024, mainly due to R&D we were doing on the Gotchichain Supernet, which we all know didn’t really pan out as planned. However, a lot of that work was on contracts and UI which will carry over to whatever version of Gotchichain ultimately gets deployed, so not a total loss.

Also worth mentioning that the market uptick starting in 2024 has benefited our runway significantly, due to some strategic purchases of BTC and ETH with the DAI we made back in 2023. Our burn has also reduced significantly as we shifted around some internal teams.

With major projects like SFA, Gotchiverse, Gotchi Guardians, and the Aavegotchi Gaming Console nearing fruition, we’re looking forward to finally having some steadier revenue streams for ourselves and AavegotchiDAO than in the past.

We hope after seeing this report you are as optimistic about the future of Aavegotchi as we are!

Stay aavesome,
Pixelcraft Team


Thank you for providing this and for Pixelcrafts continuing effort of transparency with AavegotchiDAO. We are on the frontier together in this great experiment and the effort means a lot.

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Thanks @coderdan for sharing these info with us <3

I’m interested to know the details about the marketing teams. I assume they handle discussion with partnerships such as https://dogami.com/ ? how can I contact them to learn more?