Proposal: change revenue sharing model

[Polemic post alert]

Haunt 2 action concluded with gross total: 7,6 million GHST that will be shared this way:

rarity farming - 3 million GHST

pixelcraft studios - 3 million GHST

DAO - 1.4 million GHST

burn - 380k GHST

Currently the revenue is being distributed this way in every sale:

40% rarity farming

40% pixelcraft studios!!!

15% DAO

5% burn

Don’t take me wrong guys. I know how is important to keep a strong team and to keep the development going on… But 40% comission for every sale?! That’s INSANE!

I think the GBM bid-to-earn CHANGED A LOT the game mechanism here!

in every NFT token sale we just have the chance of getting back 40% of the GHST we are putting in overall (not counting the NFT’s of course).

40% of the GHST is going to pixelcraft, 15% is going to DAO and 5% is being burned

Let’s suppose all players invested 1 million GHST in Haunt 2 sale

They will get back 400k through rarity farm (40%)

Let’s suppose all players reinvested all 400k in parcel 1 sale

They will get back 40% of 400k = 160k through rarity farm.

Let’s suppose all players reinvested once again all 160k in haunt 3 sale.

They will get back 64K of it.

Conclusion: Players total GHST is tending to zero in the long run.

if this model keeps going for ever in given time pixelcraft will own ALL the GHST supply ( i am not joking, simply math!).

Players total GHST cap is being multiplied by x0,4 in every sale round

If this model persists in the future we will not have GHST to play Aavegotchi. Thats bad for the devs and for the game in the long run.

Hope you guys don’t hate me because of this post but this revenue model is unsustainable for the players. We could have a pixelcraft reserve limit that is used for all the development, etc. Once we reach this limit all the ghst revenue could go back to the rarity farm. In case the reserve goes down again, we could recover it, no problem.

We also could increase the percentage of portals and parcels the players can get by farming. Just 20% is too low compared with 80% will be sold. I think the original idea of getting wearables and NFT by farming is being forgotten and you guys are replacing everything by auction (even werables!).

Would love to hear your opinion.

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Is it true that all players invest all GHST in each auction?

Do you understand that new GHST is created through the bonding curve?

Do you think that Pixelcraft wants to crash their own token and own game by hoarding GHST?

Wouldn’t the same logic apply no matter how small the dev % is? If they get 20%, 10%, or 1%, the conclusion is the same by your simple math, right?

What’s your proposal to fix this death spiral you identify? Show us numbers that are obviously better for everyone and I’m sure we will vote for it.

About the example it’s just a theory for understanding what the idea behind here. Less auctions, more farming and a fair distribution model please!


Auctions are the fairest model we’ve seen. They allow everyone to earn + the devs, instead of a few dedicated flippers and bot-buyers.

Good news! More farming IS the roadmap. First we will have rarity farming season 2, then alchemica farming in the Realm.

And I love fair distribution models too. Tell us yours! What would be fair?

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Thank you for sharing!

Tbh, %40 is a ridiculous commission for the team. We have to discuss it for sure.
For example, we can start with questioning,
Why %10 is not enough for the team?

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