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An alien pet called lmao :grin:


I love this one. any artists wanna take a shot at ALIEN LMAO?



Have been thinking about this a while, and would LOVE to see some different dog breeds added as pet options in the future… Seems only natural that our ghosts could finally be united with man’s best friend (and the most common pet in the world).

These are just a few ideas from images I found online along with stat change examples, but I think this would have tons of potential (especially given Doge and Shib having actual tokens and meme history, etc).


Gotchiception. It would be cool if the Aavegotchi could itself own a Gotchi that looks somewhat similar (without having copyright issues) to the original Tamagotchi


This is so cool! a pet for the aavegotchi that evolves or unlocks different visuals depending on our behavior, love the idea!!


May I suggest a name for your tamagochis idea as simple as Aamagotchi?

sorry for off-top
May I put, off-topped idea for your “Aamagotchi”+little input?

Have an idea about negative kinship, when you punish, instead of pet (0+), if you wish to go under zero (0-), no interaction gotchis always strive to zero.
Your Aamagotchi can be shaped differently on your treatment.
Slap, pet, or leave it alone crying, lol.
Mb that way we can avoid copyrights with Tamagotchi + more rarity uniqueness and more role play for Gotchis?

For button PET ALL i have an idea to make it able to select gotchis, instead of go for all the same.

If you not interact for 12 hrs (or time when kinship will get -1 or +1 trying to get you back to zero).
It would be cool to trigger the rework with the upcoming XP and Kinship changes.
It would not going to be difficult to drop kinship points to 0 for everyone, and leave it like a Perk points that you have after Lvl. up. So then you can choose, where you are going to spend them + or -.

We will put this dropped Kinship points to the inventory to make everyone able Re-decide their model of treating Gotchis of they want.
Cuz one of my gotchis really deserve negative treatment.

  • Add punishments (make a thread)
  • Not to add

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Sounds like fun, but LP kinship utilities, that been reviled today, just killing your idea at the root.
R.I.P., Fren.

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Pet rock would be hilarious indeed…
+AGG / -BRN ? :laughing:

Great ideas all around!

I thought today how fun it’d be to have a steam punk bunny pet. I came up with two variants. Which do you guys like best?


They tie in nicely with the steampunk style. Super cool!

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The one with a hat. +1. Would it be fun to be able equip 1 wearable for your pet also?


That’s a really nice idea. I think it would be rather challenging to implement however. Each pet is different in size and shape, so you’d need to make artwork for every different one. Also, I am not sure if the ETH protocol allows for the child to have a child.

It might be easiest to just stick to variants, like the rofl frogs. Say for the bunny, we could make variants…one with hat, one without, one with a vest, etc. You wouldn’t be able to swap out the items, but you’d at least have access to a variety of different styles.

Hmm, I think your are right about the child child. Im no expert on these technical blockchaing matters though so somebody knows better correct me if im wrong.

There was a propososition about a aavegotchi blacksmith. (Aavegotchi Blacksmith - Unveil the Unlimited Potentials of Wearable (and more)) Could this work in a similar fassion?

As a preguisite. pets should all be standard size, have the same bodyparts as a gotchi and vary only in color depending on their rarity.

The wearable nft being attached will be burned upon creation same as the pet nft. New pet nft is minted via smartcontract and the craphics are generative art where 2 nft are laid on top of each other with hilarious end results. The process can not be reversed so one should be able to preview the end result in similar fassion as a gotchi (Aavegotchi -- Build a Gotchi!)

This may or may not have eccect on the stats of the pet.

Naming. The name is generated with (wearable)+(pet)+(nickname) The nick name would come from separate name pool from gotchi names so there would be same names taken but all would have the “species” name before the name so they would not be confused in the bazaar. pyjama rofl “Rocinante”

This would not affect existing pets but special pets could be created with this functionality in the future. “You can dress up a dog but who would ever think to put a hat on a cat, outrageous!”


I added some flavour to ze bunnies


Hey @mikkop. Thanks for the mention. Yes, this topic about pet wearables fits well with the Gotchi Blacksmith. It can help to bring about new kinds of pet! ‘Children’ can inherit the random traits of their parents!


demz is hawt peppies !!!


reworks r welcome, frens

This is good way for the BlackSmith to go to.
@notorious_BTC were talking about fashion items only (no BRC±) only GHST lol