Should we build dead man switches into our gotchis?

We could make it so that if we don’t pet our gotchis for a week then certain documents in its pocket would be destroyed… or… assets would be transferred to a designated address… like a self written will…

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What would you use this for?

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As an early adopter and a person that pets my Gotchi everyday. I do not see the use of something like this. It seems like a waste of time that can be used for developing things that are actually useful and beneficial to Gotchi owners. The reward for petting your Gotchi is in the gaining of kinship points. The lack of petting results in the loss of kinship points . Why do we need another penalty for neglect? The penalty shows in the rarity farming leader board. That should be enough.


I wasn’t thinking about it as a penalty - people with dead man switches want them and see them as a benefit. I should say I guess - an optional dead man switch. It would be like a self executing will. I could program it to send the assets within my gotchi to whoever I wanted - say send half to my significant other and half divided among my siblings in the event I died (stopped petting for a chosen amount of time.)

Like I said, one use case would be a self written, self executing will, transferring assets to predetermined addresses upon my death. Another use case would be to store encrypted private files in my gotchis pocket and have them automatically destroyed upon my death.

Or encrypted files that are automatically published upon my death

Ah. I guess that seems completely separate from aavegotchi. Anyone could write a script to perform what you want though: just have it check for time since last pet and execute whatever after however long.

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