Skills and BRS - Game mechanics

I was originally thinking the realm would be like a fantasy mmorpg. Is that to smol minded?

If that’s the case, then I think BRS should translate to more concrete abilities like Archery, sorcery, fishing, mining, etc. To me BRS is a little abstract and still is only useful in rarity farming right now. This could make it make sense for game mechanics. However, I would only suggest a light affinity, so that really any aavegotchi can cook or mine, just there is a bit of a min/maxing aspect to the game. There will be aavegotchis the specialize in one career or aspect and others don’t.

In summary I was wondering what you think of BRS becoming the Strength, Intelligence, Luck, etc found in DnD and fantasy RPGs. The implications would be items could effect just skills instead of BRS attributes.

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I think that was the devs’ original idea, and they just chose themed names for the stats. The sky’s the limit for the ways high and low trait combos can create different “classes,” which I’m sure the community will aptly name if pixelcraft doesn’t.

I think coderdan mentioned recently that they plan on having dungeons, bosses, raids, etc. BRS takes the spotlight right now because mostly we are just summoning and trading gotchis, but I’d bet that changes a lot once the realm is live.

Write down your ideas and post on this forum. I’m sure lots of people would like to brainstorm, and the community and devs are very receptive to input if it makes sense.