XP drop disconnect

Like many, I am pretty frustrated about not getting a portal due to the launch technical issues but I think there is a further disconnect we need to bridge.

I prepared weeks in advance for the launch and was one of the many that watched the timer go from 10k to 0 with 3 failed matic transactions.

I have now settled on the thought I will not get a portal until the next haunt unless I pay the inflated prices in the bazaar which is disappointing.

However, I think it is worse that the people that didn’t get a portal will also not be able to get the XP drop from voting on the eth network.

So in addition to not getting a portal at launch, I would need to buy an inflated bazaar aavegotchi to gain the reward from the vote that to be fair, cost a bit on gas!

Surely we can introduce some sort of caveat to say that if you didn’t get a portal/aavegotchi but voted on eth and are expecting the XP drop, it can be dropped as a consumable versus not getting anything??

Very reasonable, I concur.


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