In-Game Alchemica Sink Suggestions

I like this approach. We could even hybrid the tree with a permanent wallet based upgrade and a single use one life upgrade tree.

You could power up the lick :tongue: with alchemica into a more powerful one. This tree would be permanent and cost alchemica. To not make it only pay to win, we could implement some form of play experience milestones to open up the ability to upgrade.

The second tree would be sort of like in counter strike where when you spawn you spend money to buy a weapon. Licks could spend small alchemica amounts to boost their stats or abilities for just one life.

This would create a pretty dynamic gameplay (and nice alchemica sinks- one constant small drip and another, slower but bigger sink)


Gameplay oriented structures can also be an alchemica sink:

Waatchtower - When a player’s gotchi is inside, it allows zooming out much further than normal, or perhaps moving the camera very quickly in any direction, up to a certain limit.

Rejuvenation Taank - can serve as a forward respawn point. Maybe it could also heal gotchis and restore AP.

Turrets - come in different alchemica flavors, and perhaps each requires a “deposit” of alchemica to work (the alchemica may or may not be consumed)


Really like this idea! It could be especially useful for PvP, Lick fights, and when exploring out in the grid.

Great idea + lots of strategizing possible. I really like the NFT idea & being able to sell them in the baazaar.

We already know walls and structures have a height, so line of sight mechanics are feasible with the game engine.

Can we call them Tourette’s, and they shoot $%#@?


This idea I’m playing with for eyes does that.

I think opening the doors to community made wearables and installations might be the lowest hanging fruit right now. Correct me if I’m wrong but is adding a vanity slot going to be dev heavy? Either way, vanity wearables and installations are going to be a huge sink. The sooner we get a system figured out for that the better.
Also tiles are pretty much the easiest thing to implement right? All u need is the artwork. Why not start there? And then move to the wearables. I know myself as well as many others have multiple wearables sets designed and ready to go.


The Atma Gauge (or Atma Crystal/Gem/Jewel) is an NFT providing an in-game power bonus that grows over time as long as it is fed more Alchemica.

The Atma Gauge starts with a very small “maximum bonus” that is activated by staking a paltry amount of Alchemica. To increase the bonus, a player must stake a surplus of Alchemica. As long as the Gauge has been given surplus Alchemica to “grow into”, the maximum bonus will gradually increase over time. The amount of Alchemica required to activate that maximum bonus will also increase (at an accelerating rate). It will become harder and harder to increase the maximum bonus over time because it will require more Alchemica to progress.

The Gauge can never lose progress through inaction; if the bonus increases to the point that there is no longer a surplus of staked Alchemica, the maximum bonus will simply stop increasing until more Alchemica is staked.

Staked Alchemica is not burned or locked. At any time, the Atma Gauge can be “tapped” for some or all of the underlying Alchemica it contains. If Alchemica is removed in excess of the amount required to activate the Gauge’s current maximum bonus, the bonus will reset to the appropriate point on the progress curve. It doesn’t matter if all of the removed Alchemica is immediately put back in, time must pass again to reach the pre-tapped bonus.

As far as the bonus growth rate is concerned, I would recommend a progress curve that features brief periods of rapid growth punctuating long periods of slower growth. The Alchemica-required-curve would be independent and would accelerate over time.

What does the Atma Gauge actually do?

This is a matter of game balance, so it would be up to Pixelcraft to determine how best to fit Atma Gauges into the game. They could increase the power of wearables, or Aavegotchis, or installations. This could be done through a simple multiplier, or a system of buffs, or a more complex skill tree or point distribution system. They could be placed into “sockets” crafted by players. They could unlock certain special abilities. Or they could have some other in-game effect.

Atma Gauges would be sellable on the Bazaar, presumably priced according to the underlying value of the staked Alchemica plus the time premium. Being NFTs, they could also be composed into staking protocols built by Pixelcraft or a 3rd party.

In simple terms:

  • The Atma Gauge makes players/guilds more powerful
  • The Atma Gauge becomes more powerful over time, but it needs to be continuously fed Alchemica to keep growing
  • This Alchemica is not lost and can be removed at will, but doing so will reduce the maximum bonus, making the Gauge weaker until it has been built back up. As with Kinship, there is no way to speed up this process


  • Incentivizes holding Alchemica with a gameplay mechanic
  • Allows Guilds to get some power out of their Alchemica treasuries
  • Adds another layer of customization and strategy to the game


  • Because the Alchemica is only soft-locked, there could be market shocks if large Gauges are tapped and dumped
  • While solo and new players will be able to develop serviceable Gauges on their own, only Guilds will realistically be able to grow top tier Gauges
  • Adds another layer of power creep to balance. If the mechanic is not useful enough, it will not reduce sell pressure; if the mechanic is too powerful, it will disincentivize other aspects of gameplay

This is a really interesting mechanic. I can see it being popular for PvP or Guild-v-Guild. Sockets could be things like defense, accuracy, maybe critical hits? Using whichever traditional MMO mechanics that can be incorporated into the Gotchi battle mechanics?

In a way, this would address the weapon upgrades discussion from a recent Haangout or DAO meeting (can’t remember which it was but that came up & wouldn’t work because wearables are not unique NFTs). With the Atma Gauge, rather than the weapons being upgraded, Gotchi skills could be upgraded?

If the Atma Gauge is a unique NFT, would it be transferrable or connected to just one Gotchi?


Yes! It would be a way for Gotchis to get a competitive advantage against other Gotchis or Lickquidators. This could be done with a direct buff, a +% boost to the effectiveness of an item equipped in a specified slot, a point allocation system that allows players to increase their Gotchi’s stats, anything really that would add strategic depth to the game.

As for transferabiliy, that would depend on the implementation. The way I was thinking about it, players/guilds would develop multiple Gauges and equip them for different purposes, whether that means enhancing their Gotchi soldiers or their defensive/productive installations, and could switch them around as needed.

For quality of life, it would be handy if the contracts were architected in a way that allowed Gauges to continue growing while also equipped for use. That way players wouldn’t always need to be taking them on and off.

You also made me think about how the Gauges would be created to begin with. It could be interesting if there was an installation (perhaps a Crystaal Grower) that actually grew the Atma Gauge/Atma Crystaal. It could then “transmit” the power of the growing Gauge to whatever the player wanted to enhance. If the Crystaal Grower is built on a parcel next to an Alchemica pool, it could give a bonus to Gauges of that Alchemica type (for example, a FOMO pool could speed up the growth of FOMO Gauges, or allow them to grow at a small % discount, etc.)


What if we could use GLTR to increase a Gotchi’s Kinship? I recommend making it fairly expensive, some type of exponential function where each kinship point is more expensive then the last, such that increasing to some outlandishly high Kinship number is uneconomic.

The obvious negative is that it would produce more Alchemica emissions.

I like the idea of GLTR because that is already the “time” token, but the same thing could be accomplished with an Alchemica recipe. Since GLTR is a staking reward token, by increasing its price/usefulness the knock on effects would be more Alchemica staked/ an Alchemica sink.

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That’s an interesting idea, there would be an economic incentive to buy GLTR and it could absorb some sell pressure as players arbitrage the cost of GLTR against the increased yield they would get by buffing Kinship. You are right that it would materially increase the rate of inflation, but GLTR does this currently by allowing players to speed up the production of structures. I think great care would need to be taken in balancing this particular mechanic, as GLTR’s inflation rate is enormous, and the cost to increase Kinship should be pretty steep.

Your exponential cost increase idea would work well in keeping this balanced, although there would eventually be a point in the curve where further buffs are no longer economically viable, and petting itself will take on more and more real value the further the player progresses upward along the curve (as it is a free point twice a day). The primary users of this mechanic then would be players buffing new or neglected gotchis up to a certain Kinship level. High-Kinship Gotchis currently command a premium in the bazaar because of their time-cost, which could be dissipated if it is cheaper to simply buy a cheaper Gotchi and spend GLTR to buff it up to a similar level.

In a past draft of the game, Kinship actually would have been expended to channel; perhaps that mechanic, coupled with the ability to recharge Kinship by spending GLTR, could create some interesting economic arbitrage.

The original intention of kinship was to be a mechanic that was not pay-to-win. Of course there have been some exceptions with potions. However, the premise of kinship was always to be something the players had to engage with the protocol to achieve. Even with petting services, the playing field has largely remained equal.

I’m afraid introducing a mechanic like this would quickly lead to a pay-to-win scenario where big bags of GLTR would be spent to boost kinship to the moon.

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What if we could burn glitter to increase a gotchi’s age? Since the aging points are coming eventually, it would be like fast tracking the inevitable. We could see people potentially burning huge amounts leading up to RF.
Disclaimer: Not sure if this idea is retarded or not, but it sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to go get some water to put you out when they burn you at the stake. Adjusting XP/KIN will never happen unless PC does it, which they said they might, by having XP/KIN potions be craftable. Us doing anything there, seems to be ultimate 3rd rail.

Another idea for a perpetual alchemica sink would be to open up a market for community made “perishable tiles.” The idea is that anyone can upload ANY design without any sort of filtration. These tiles would be relatively cheap to mint, but would self destruct after a certain amount of time unless a specialized committee deems that they are appropriate to keep around. If they are deemed inappropriate, then they would be flagged and the tile would automatically self destruct after the initial period is over. On the other hand if the tile is not flagged, the owner would have the option to stake (or burn) more alchemica to keep the tile from self destructing. We could make the price get incrementally more expensive and also the time period before self-destruct could increase with each “level” upgrade. Eventually if you are not flagged and were able to keep the tile alive for a specific amount of levels then the thing could become permanent and trade-able on the bazaar.


  • Perpetual alchemica sink
  • More variety in the landscape of the Gotchiverse.
  • A chance for community members to monetize their talents and provide value to land owners


  • inevitably we would have to live with some ugly or inappropriate designs (for a couple days or whatever we determine the initial lifespan of the the level 1 tile is.)
    -Some people might mint a tile and feel like they got rugged if the design gets flagged. (although the initial price would be set very low so it might not feel too bad.)

Wen Bin Laggin Community Art Czar?

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I believe gotchis will get additional trait points assigned to them based on XP (off chain) for gotchiverse play.
Could scholars use alchemica to accrue/buy a similar type of XP to be used to boost the traits of the gotchis they rent just for their rental period in game? Could be one time use (smol alchemica sink) or the XP could stay with the scholar address (much more alchemica) to apply to any gotchi they rent?


TLDR: Set of ideas how to bring fireworks into gotchiverse as a new gameplay feature, alchemica sink and metaverse fun with impact on gotchinomy.

It is brewing in my head for sometime now. Most ideal implementation would have to be chosen by PC team, as this will eat development time. I feel like pixalated fireworks are perfect fit for gotchiverse lorewise.

My Fireworks idea would provide:

  • New gameplay mechanic
  • Reason to gather, chat and meet in metaverse / players parcels
  • Alchemica sink
  • New avenues for gotchinomy

There is SIMPLE VERSION and COMPLEX VERSION. Ideas from each version could be combined.

The FIREWORK itself would consints of “craft part”, “launch part” and “blast part”


A. Craft part:

  • there is “firework installation” that could player craft on parcel.

  • firework instalation could be upgraded to level 9. Maximum level is tied to Lodge / something else (for example, your Lodge is level 5, so max level of firework installation would be 5 on that parcel)

  • leveling up the firework installation would have multiple benefits,l. You wish to be able to get level 9.

  • firework installlation would provide user interface for crafting a firework (think of it as building a firework rocket in real life). If your land has installation, firework UI would be available to you while standing on parcel.

  • crafting UI would consists of rows and columns. Row is number of “rounds” firework would have during “blast part”. Column is “effect” firework “round” would contain. Each effect has visualisation during blast part (pixaleted firework effect).

To imagine, lets say i have lvl 5 firework installation. This let me “craft” something like this:

Round 1: effect 1, effect 5, effect 1, effect 5, effect 2, effect 2
Round 2: effect 2, effect 2, effect 3, effect 4, effect 7, effect 4
Round 3: effect 1, effect 8, effect 8, effect 8, effect 1
Round 4: effect 2, effect 2, effect 8, effect 8, effect 8
Round 5: effect 10, effect 10, effect 10, effect 10, effect 5

  • Each firework installation level would provide / unlocks:

More rounds your firework could have (each level +1 round)

More effect you could put into round (lvl 1-3 lets you put 3 effect each round, lvl 4-6 lets you put 6 effect each round level 7-9 lets you put 9 effect each round)

Each installation level unlocks more visual effects to choose from ( lets say each level unlock 5 visual effects, so in total we need to create 5x9 (45) visual effects) . Level 1 is simple effects like ordinary “rocket”, level 9 is like dragon from Bilbo Baggins birthday party :smile:

  • each visual effect has alchemica cost associated with it.

  • when you fill the “craft UI”, than you have to lock your firework. It is on chain transaction, you pay alchemica based on the visual effect you put into it. Obviously more complex effects you have, more you pay.

  • when you decide you want to have different firework, you will have to pay new cost again as you lock different setup.

B. Launch part

  • after you have firework locked, you could launch it (imagine that in step “A. Craft” you build a rocket and in this step you are blowing rocket to the sky)

  • in order to launch firework you have to pay alchemica again (as channeling) … the amount of alchemica is based on number of rounds your firework has. We need this so people wouldnt spam firework all the time, it should be special :).

  • the firework show will be centered around position of your fireworks installation

  • after channeling firework, the show start - “Blast”

C. Blast part

  • the show will be visible on the screen with 0% zoom and center is firework instalation…so best is to stand around firework installation in order to see every effect on your screen.

  • the firework goes off in rounds.Round is that all effects will blow on the screen at the same time on random locations. Each round is like 4 seconds, so the biggest firework show will be like 36 second (lvl 9 has 9 rounds possible)

  • it is good topic for metaverse chat / you could lure people to your parcel.

Implementation challanges:

  • maybe only one firework in district could be fired at the same time because of load on servers. So you “ craft” firework in your installation but “launch” would come from dedicated launching pad somewhere in district…
  1. COMPLEX version
  • you would unlock also colors with instalation level, so you combine visual effect + color to the slot

  • some sound integration would be cool.

  • you would craft fireworks as NFTs with “times to use”. You could sell these NFTs on market. There would be new job “firework craftsmen”… to craft level 9 installation would be super expensive. “ Launch” would come from decoration (launching pad) or dedicated spot on the map / district.

  • fireworks could be lauched / build only in citaadel… parcels in citadel would have bigger metaverse value even after ACT 1. People from outside the gane would like to visit in order to see most beautiful fireworks.

  • you could find new visual effect in dungeons and so on…not just from leveling firework instalation.

Quite extensive, hopefully make sense. I personally would love to see some fireworks in the gotchiverse :slight_smile:

Yours, Rikige.


I really like this. Was thinking about your idea to unlock colors by tier:
Level 1 (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet)
Level 3 (Gold, silver, copper)
Level 5 (Neon pink, neon aqua, neon green, rainbow gradient)

For visual effects, could draw all kinds of inspiration from real life firework shells. Special effects could include things like gotchis, portals, lickquidators, lanterns, rofls, lightning, moons, stars, hearts, and the dragon.

I wonder if the Gotchiverse can handle particle effects. That could allow for some pretty nice visuals, in combination with pixelated shell bursts. It would also be interesting if the game engine could take an on-chain SVG and render it as a firework effect, with the shell bursting into an illuminated image before fading. Could allow for some custom effects, like using specific wearables or Aavegotchis.

If consumables become a thing, I think it could be cool if Gotchis could could carry fireworks around and set them off wherever. The humble Fireworkooor could make this his trade, even sell them straight off his parcel. Maybe the high level installation can make long-lasting things like roman candles and sparklers for Gotchis to carry until they burn out, or illusory garb that the Aavegotchi “wears” as a costume until it fades.

But the Launchpad is a great idea too. It could make sense if there were “lightweight” fireworks with only 1 round and 1 or 2 effects that could be set off away from the pad, while fireworks launched from the pad are capable of long chains of effects and put on a real show. The Fireworker could save and load up sequences of fireworks and fire them off one by one.