Re-spec your spirit points?

Dear frens, now that many of us have spent spirit points from XP or aging, many of us are wondering, could I ever undo this?

@coderdan floated the idea of 100GHST for respec.

I personally think that might be a good driver of revenues for rewards pool and DAO and of course game development, but I feel we could go with much more inspired uses of this mechanic.

In DAOC, a precursor to WoW, people had to kill dragons in 50+ person raids to have a chance, perhaps 30%, of acquiring a single respec stone. This of course, made respec stones extremely valuable and key drivers of the game economy.
I think respec stones could be a key driver of play-2-earn activity (aarcade, rentals, etc).

Basically, people could play for the rare chance of earning a very rare and valuable respec stone/potion that they can resell in the bazaar or consume for themselves.

I wanted to open this thread for ideas and proposals, and also a poll, to gauge the community’s feelings about re-specializations, or if they should even be allowed?

  • Allow unlimited respecs for 100GHST
  • Allow expensive and rare respecs via p2e NFTs
  • Do not allow respecs ever
  • Maybe something else

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Thanks for starting this discussion! I love the idea of creating hard-to-obtain respec stones, it means you still need to put lots of thought into how you use your points and creates a cool new micro economy. Brilliant idea.


What about Sacrificing Gotchi to obtain respec stone in addition to the XP transfer already in place?


Definitely think we need some sort of mechanic for re-specs. Not sure how I feel about them being super rare/expensive as it seems most of the people that would need them are newbies that simply didn’t understand what they were doing and actually decreased their gotchi’s BRS…

(I know multiple people that did this before asking me about it and found out the hard way :sweat_smile:)

But earning something for re-specs through P2E sounds fantastic and I’d love to hear more opinions on this. Thanks for sharing this idea, fren!


Thats fair! In the old game I referenced, every character had 1 free respec before they needed to start using stones to respec. Something like this could be considered- to make it a lot more newbie friendly. The downside to free respecs being that you lose some of the potential economic benefit for the ecosystem (p2e specifically).
Or maybe the stones don’t need to be ultra-rare/expensive, but minted in the aarcade with a more generous frequency. Basically we could aim for 50-100ghst respec stones that people earn and either consume or sell.


Really neat thread idea.

I think the respec stones is a pretty cool idea. Wow, dropping DAOC takes me back!

I remember in wow, the cost to respec increased with each subsequent time. An option could be to allow for the first to be free (or cheap, like 10 GHST) and then scale to more expensive, up to something like 150 GHST.


I think respec is a necessary feature and agree it should be an exceptional event so rare/expensive but I’d expect to have at least one free respec to begin with so we can allocate them properly for the game. Lots of people had to spend points because of rf based on incomplete or changing information.


Howdy Frens

How about a re-spec after every liquidator invasion… kinda like being reborn anew… then everyone gets the same opportunity to remake themselves when the world is reset and all players would have similar skills and experience to make informed desisions… IMO would be fair and fun just like the Gotchi’s would want it :slight_smile:

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Brilliant idea to allow re-spec’ing pts. I like the idea of one free respec after the new traits prop get passed and impl.

Moving forward there should be a cost to respec’ing based on number of pts to be respec’d. so it would be cheaper for a few points and more expensive to respec lots of points.

Example: 20 GHST per pt. If a user wanted to respec 8 pts it would cost 160 GHST. If a user only wanted to spec 2 pts it would cost 40 GHST.
The GHST would got to the dao treasury.


I like the idea of respec-ing, but why set the price so high? I feel like the first one should be free and maybe 1 GHST for respecing.

One consideration is a potential worry that certain players would re-spec their Aavegotchis every round during Rarity Farming to move them in the direction of whichever trait is being used for the tiebreakers.

You’d probably also have the worry of “meta-chasers” who re-spec everytime there is a balance change to certain traits.

I don’t know if that supports the high prices, but it does make sense to have some cost for significantly changing your gotchi’s stats.


I love the idea of one freebie, but maybe incentivize it to be only for gotchis that have earned at least one point, by the end of the playdrop, as at end of playdrop, we will have laid out everything, the initial balancing for the RPG should be fully available, and Rarity Season will have ended. Make the freebie just be that the Respec button is not greyed out… no token, not tradable.

Full support on making Repec tokens tradable and hard to get. I think they should fit into the frens ecosystem, so that they are a frens sink, and also another item that you could monetize, if you wanted to. This wouldn’t preclude giving them as high end raid loot, but it does give another way to use your frens and would burn a lot of frens during the time between auctions, thereby driving up the value of tickets.

111,111 frens for a full respec is a good price… more than cost of two mythical tickets, and its a play on “eleventy first birthday” If we did Marvins idea of per point pricing, it would be more abusable, as you could fiddle with things for rarity farming for a low cost and it would be abused by those with large bags more than it would help a newbie. You cant mess up a gotchi with just one stat point, but you could mess up the leaderboards at the last second, by tweaking it, or even better, by sandbagging your stats…

Also, there’s a great marketing opportunity in there involving involving memes about gotchis and respect, and all that…

“R-E-S-P-E-C Me, Used my token and my gotchi says Yee” - Aarena Raankin, famous gotchi singer

OR - maybe this is better name…

IT’S A reSPOOK not a Respec, and the first one is a freSPOOK

I would give at least one free respec (forbidden during RF) just to reset any mistakes. A fren was in discord earlier today sad he (misunderstanding what stats are) had moved his 2 NRG up to 5 with his spirit points–he was talking about selling it and buying another just to fix his mistake. Fine–but it’s true that this gotchi is now 6 points behind its potential. Seems needlessly sad when there is only one direction any given trait should ever go in (i.e. a lot would have to change to make lowering BRS a good idea). Another fix for the future would be to add a popup that warns a user trying to move stats in the wrong direction.


Good points. You could lock re-speccing during RF seasons or allow for only one use.

IMO there will always be meta-chasers and that is actually good for the game. We want to have that apex alpha where the very best will do anything to squeeze those extra few DPS. I don’t see that as a worry as it wouldn’t affect 95% of players and would serve as a sink for the top.

We could have cooldowns on re-speccing. Once per month maximum as an example. Also, the cost should be significant enough to not encourage continual changes. Start with a free respec and increase from 0 to 100 GHST as a maximum? Or, the idea to use alchemica + rare PvE items forged together to make respec stones has been floated. I believe we will want as many sensible alchemica sinks as we can manage.

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Now that RF season is over and gotchi traits remapping prop passed. This informal vote is for testing the waters about allowing every gotchi owner respec their gotchis earned points. The gotchis original points when it was summoned from it’s portal will not change. The points that can be re-spec’d have been earned through leveling up XP and aging.

  • One free point re-specification
  • No re-specification
  • Need more discussion

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Meeting notes where re-spec’ing was discussed DAO meeting notes

CoderDan said it is technically possible to allow users to “rollback” their gotchi’s allocated points. So the owner will have their gotchi with it’s original BRS and have unallocated points. This will allow the user to specify their points they have gained through XP level ups and aging.

The developer notes are, the VRF data is stored which allows for the “rollback” to occur. I think we allow a little more time for more discussion then create a formal vote if the above vote holds.

A future topic to discuss is “in-game” points, which are different than the gotchis on-chain points. It was mentioned in the DAO discussion, but isn’t directly related to this specific discussion.


Once snapshot voting power is fixed, I’ll put up a sig proposal to allow one free respec spirit points.

We need further discussion if we want to allow a game mechanic to allow gotchis to respec after this one free respec.

I lean towards PC making a potion available that can be crafted to allow respec’ing but the formula would need to be worked out. Since the game is early it would be hard to figure out a good formula. More time is needed for the game to develop, imo

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What if you could burn any Aesthetica, to reset your spirit points :slight_smile:

What about spending alchemica for potions
Or burning GLTR for same number of aged blocks to respec age specific points?

I think best ideas would be that use alchemica and/or GLTR.

There needs to be more GLTR sinks. How about a set amount of GLTR to re-spec all the gotchi’s spirit points? How much to allow a gotchi to re-spec it’s spirit points?

If gotchi has 5 points they all get reset for flat fee.
If gotchi has 8 points they all get reset for flat fee.
What should the flat fee be?

  • 10K
  • 20K
  • 40K
  • 50K
  • MOAR!!!

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