Roblox Aavegotchis

We are already seeing projects like creating games where they are integrating the aavegotchi NFTs. The devs-chat also talks about almost any engine and language being usable for creating games with aavegotchis and I was personally a tester of a private Runescape server that managed to bridge NFTs and tokens from the blockchain into the video game and vice versa.

Roblox is a game written in the Lua language where each server/map has its own game rules and are automatically downloaded and played by a huge userbase via 1 click unlike Minecraft’s cumbersome modding+server tools.
Roblox also has a far smaller bar to entry in terms of quality servers/maps compared to Minecraft’s.

I advise either finding volunteers or hiring cheap programmers and game designers for an Aavegotchi game set in Roblox, Roblox has primarily a huge userbase of children from boys and girls alike which are very used to lootboxes, pets, wearables, leaderboards, RNG, collectables so it will be right up their alley.
I suggest pairing the F2P and P2P players up in 1 server. Difference is the P2P players will win P2P version tokens that can be exchanged for the mainnet game’s aavegotchi trait stats, wearables, tokens in a quantity set by the Aavegotchi team.
My second approach is Second Life and my third one is VR.

This once again can serve as a quality brand recognition and marketing to integrate NFTs into the mainstream and pop up in everyone’s faces as opposed to a niche that can only be found if you really search for it.


That’s sounds good, imagine it on PS5 later then… :see_no_evil:

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Roblox isn’t on the PS5 yet, it is on the Xbox One and however it is for mobile devices and it works extremely well.

Once again if you want popularity you cannot charge the average user 300$ (24k Robux) in 1 go for 1 aavegotchi, only the minority spend 10k$-300k$ for a rare 2007 hat to make profit. Unless you’re doing some 24-easy payments to own your aavegotchi or multiple owners thing.

Currently the most popular Roblox game is “Adopt Me” it used to be “Royal High”.

Roblox is also full of popular youtubers you never heard of outside of Roblox. Overall Roblox has its own entire community and it’s massive, bigger than Second Life.

I’ve played Roblox since before 2010, but did not get a rare hat and I didn’t keep up with the new development teams that kept appearing to know who’s good at what, but that means you have where to choose from.
There’s simply too many now because it’s an entire ecosystem bigger than Warcraft 3 and bigger than Second Life. Developers are competing for popularity and making a lot of money off of their games if they get played and players buy from their shops en mass. I can only assume the biggest dev teams in charge of the most successful social games will provide both marketing and some modicum of quality. You need a good lua programmer/basically a scripter and someone who knows the Roblox studio editor. A quick “top 10 Roblox games” search will give you more than 300 maps of differing genres and quality control. It has everything from obstacle courses to shooters, horror, RTS, prison breaks, tycoons, simulators and some maps which don’t look like the cheap graphics Roblox/Minecraft/Lego worlds most maps are made with.

Roblox’s engine has come a long way since the days back when I played in 2007 and players were struggling to take a sharp turn in a minecart without falling off of it.


And as usual the aavegotchis in Roblox should contain a pay2play as well as a free2play if you want mass adoption.
There are some maps which require you to pay money to play them, but they’re rare and mostly unpopular.

So far Flamingo is the most popular Roblox youtuber, nearing at 10 million subscribers.
People also get scammed on Roblox by having their login credentials stolen by inputting them inside a fake game.
“Adopt Me” started off as a game where you had to adopt other players, but it soon turned into adopting unique pets you can only buy with real money and you only have a chance at getting a unique one.

Roblox’s map maker/game maker community just like Youtube is extremely competitive 50% the time and the other 50% extremely dumb and easy to manipulate like Youtube’s recommendations algorithm. You’ll be extremely lucky if your map ever makes it past 1 million plays, that’s why realistically you need partnerships with these youtubers and popular developers from Royal High, Adopt Me, BeeSwarm Simulator, etc. and in theory they should be cheaper to afford than MrBeast and Pewdiepie.

Roblox’s community just like the TF2, CS, mmos, already know what lootboxes, pets, hats, phishing attempts are. They’re also used to mmos’ grinding/addictive nature. They are practically being taught from a young age all about collectables, gambling and scams. They know the whole shebang so Axies, Crypto Kitties, Aavegotchis can become something extremely normal to them.


Back to the idea of a 3D mmorpg to complement the 2D realm. I especially want it on a popular platform on Roblox especially because of the large amount of niche userbase that’s already used to collectables and playing a wide array of grindy minigames to earn xp and kinship. The majority of people will always prefer 3D over 2D. Plus programming in LUA is easier than in C, C++, C#.

You’ve made this proposal several times already, and while I think there’s merit in the idea, I don’t quite see what actionable steps you would propose be taken?

Maybe you can find some Lua developers and introduce them to Aavegotchi to get the ball rolling?

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Ah my old thread. Been quite a while since I suggested this.

Any ideas for actionable steps?

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A large quantity of small fun cheaply produced games in Roblox copying more fun popular games like how Roblox copied Trouble in Terrorist Town from Half Life G-Mod, Flee the Facility which copied Death by Daylight. How Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1&2, Minecraft have so many custom games in them.

The trick would be to put as many bits of information, tutorials, links to the real game as possible and keep the userbase up to date with what they’re missing out on in the real game like free liquidators, airdrops, ways to earn their own gotchis, lending rates. Ever since I played Runescape I would have enjoyed a way to earn membership without paying money. I would have liked to pay in facebook posts, youtube views or something. Quests/missions like that for the Roblox kids could work.

Could also try hiring more popular Lua/Roblox devs to try to gain attention as long as they’re cheap. You could also make Roblox devs add aavegotchi-themed skins in their already popular games (albeit this won’t do you any good if the dev refuses to put a very informative link in the item’s description)

Roblox-only youtubers have something between 3-12 million subscribers but hopefully without costing an arm and a leg to advertise for you like Pewdiepie and Mr Beast.

Take note however that I do not see Roblox ever doing true NFT integration because of the risks. You are hosting your game on their servers. I don’t know if they allow you to host it on your server.
Roblox studios also takes 10% commission and while I have not heard them directly messing with the games they do mess with the profits just like Youtube does.
Lua(Moon) is also a terrible language to program in, like something between Flash and Java. It’s a purely script-based language from how much I remember.

So Roblox/Aavegotchi would be purely for advertisement purposes. It is possible to grow so big that you could become the next DOTA, but unlike Blizzard, Roblox will indirectly steal your cash as a creator by banning accounts, temporarily blocking your withdrawals and other horror stories you’d hear out of crypto CEXes or Paypal.

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Just be careful not to get tangled up with all the bad stuff that is happening over there. I found this documentary very shocking.

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